CFEP Carbon Electronics Cluster Lab Renovation in Partners III – Architecture/Engineer Selection

NC State University
Chancellors Faculty Excellence Program (CFEP)
Carbon Electronics Cluster Lab Renovation in Partners III
NC State Project #201720046

Description:  The total project budget of $1,300,000 includes all design, construction, associated construction and other costs for renovating approximately 4,766 square feet for an open lab on the first floor of Partners III for the CFEP Carbon Electronics cluster. Two Principal Investigators and their staff will share the lab for the research of material & device synthesis. A significant portion of the Partners III lab renovation is the addition of 12 fume hoods to support the research cluster. The project also includes one dry room, counters and sinks, 12 glove boxes, security modifications, mechanical repair/upgrades and fire protection system modifications in the area of renovation as needed.

Contact: For specific project inquiries – Lisa L. Keel, RA (919-515-8066)

Pre-submittal Meeting: A Pre-submittal Meeting will be held April 5th at 11:30 am in Conference Room 301, Administrative Services III, 2701 Sullivan Drive on the NC State campus.  Attendance is encouraged but not mandatory.

Closing Date:   5:00 pm, April 26, 2017

Project Budget:  Total project budget is $1,300,000

Submit Letter of Interest  and 330 Form to:
Lisa L. Keel, RA
NC State University, Capital Project Management
Box 7520, Raleigh, NC 27695-7520

Download Complete Project Description Here: CFEP Partners 3 Carbon Electronics Cluster Reno Project Summary