DH Hill Tower and Poe Hall Waterproofing- Request for General Contractor PreQualification Submittals

North Carolina State University is seeking qualification statements from general contractors for improvements to the DH Hill Tower and Poe Hall Waterproofing Project, located on the North Main Campus.  The DH Hill Library North Tower, the DH Hill Library South Tower, and the Poe Hall Exterior are all experiencing waterproofing and leaking issues at expansion joints, control joints, windows, doors, masonry-to-masonry joints, and masonry-to-metal joint. This project will remove all existing caulking and backer rods from these interfaces, clean all surfaces of dirt, paint, and oils, prime all joints, seal all interfaces, re-caulk all interfaces, reseal all joints and seams, and repoint masonry where necessary.

To be considered, the contractor must obtain an application package from the NC State University Project Manager and submit a sealed, fully completed qualification document by 5:00 PM, January 26, 2018, to Steven R. Bostian, Project Manager, at Administrative Services Building III, 2701 Sullivan Dr., Suite 331, NCSU, Campus Box 7520, Raleigh, NC 27695-7520.  Application packages will be available electronically after January 4, 2018.  Please contact the project manager via email (preferred) or phone to request a package.  One (1) hard copy of completed qualification packages must be submitted to the project manager.  Completed qualification packages will not be accepted electronically.

Steven R. Bostian, P.E.
North Carolina State University
Capital Project Management

Download complete project description here: DH Hill Tower & Poe Hall Waterproofing