B104 Lab Renovation – CVM Main Building- Request for General Contractor Prequalification Submittals

North Carolina State University is seeking qualification statements from general contractors for improvements to B104 Lab – CVM Main Building, located on West Campus.  The project scope includes the renovation of approximately 7,700 ASF on the first floor of the CVM Main Building on the NC State campus.  The renovation area includes approximately 5,400 ASF of laboratory and support space and 2,300 ASF of   office and storage space.  The B104A lab must remain operational during the Fall and Spring semesters, and construction scheduling and phasing will be key to the success of the renovation.  The majority of the construction is planned for summer 2019.  The project will require architectural work, including casework, new ceilings and acoustical baffling, fixtures and finishes and some new walls; electrical work, including lighting, power and data and fire alarm; plumbing and structural work related to existing floor trenches that contain supply and waste piping for lab functions, and sprinkler work; and mechanical work, including re-routing duct work and removal and installation of a fume hood.  AV equipment is also a major component of this project, and will require coordination with architectural, electrical and structural trades.

To be considered, the contractor must obtain an application package from the NC State University Project Manager and submit a sealed, fully completed qualification document by 5:00 PM, July 13, 2018, to Laura L Zaytoun, project manager, at Administrative Services Building III, 2701 Sullivan Dr., Suite 331, NCSU, Campus Box 7520, Raleigh, NC 27695-7520.  Application packages will be available electronically after June 21, 2018.  Please contact the project manager via email (preferred) or phone to request a package.  Three (3) hard copies of completed qualification packages must be submitted to the project manager.  Completed qualification packages will not be accepted electronically.

Laura Louise Zaytoun
North Carolina State University
Capital Project Management

Download the complete project description here: B104 Lab – CVM Main Bldg

Download application package: Prequal Pkg B104 Lab