Physical Master Plan

The following announcement has been placed in the N.C. Purchase Directory located under “University Projects” – Lead Designer Selection.  Please note: The Lead Design Firm must be licensed in the state of North Carolina.

Institution:                              NC State University

Project:                                   Physical Master Plan Study

                                                NC State Project # 201914022

Project Description:     The master plan will provide a flexible framework that allows the university to respond to opportunities regarding the physical campus and leverage them to the greatest positive impact for the university. NC State has a history of inclusive physical planning that is integrated with its strategic, academic, programmatic, space management, and enrollment plans.  As such, the university’s goal for a new Physical Master Plan is one that is uniquely NC State’s, clearly articulating the concepts and constructs that make the university distinctive and meaningful to the campus community and beyond. The plan will align with the university’s new strategic plan scheduled to be completed in 2020 and will build on the 2017 Campus Capacity and Assessment Study. 

Contact:       Tom Skolnicki (919-515-8050)

Pre-submittal Meeting:    A Pre-submittal Meeting will be held on October 19, 2020, at 1:00 PM EDT virtually via Zoom Meeting.  See Project Summary below for the meeting link.

Attendance is encouraged but not mandatory.

Closing Date:                          5:00 pm, November 12, 2020

Project Scope:                         $1M

Submit electronic Letter of Interest    Tom Skolnicki, Project Manager

and 330 Form to:                                 Office of the University Architect,

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