Designer Advertisement: D.H. Hill, Jr. Library Comprehensive Study

Project: D.H. Hill, Jr. Library Comprehensive Study, NC State Project # 202213020

Description: The comprehensive study will derive the vision, space principles, and program requirements/adjacencies (including dining facilities) in the D.H. Hill, Jr. Library for long-range planning to align with the Libraries’ strategic goals. This effort will also consider library facility trends. The facility totals 383,709 GSF and comprises four separate, but connected buildings:
1. East Wing, built-in 1953, with 103,744 GSF
2. West (Erdahl-Cloyd) Wing, built-in 1954, with 59,783 GSF
3. North (Old) Bookstack Tower, built-in 1972, with 109,169 GSF, and
4. South (New) Bookstack Tower, built-in 1990, with 111,013 GSF
To adequately meet programmatic requirements, the study must address current deficiencies and future needs for building systems/infrastructure, service access, and loading areas, building code, fire protection/life safety, and general safety issues. The deliverables will include a final report with a proposed high-level program and blocking and stacking diagrams plus a prioritized list of future projects, with preliminary cost estimates, that align with the determined vision, space principles, and strategic goals.

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Contact: For specific project inquiries – Sumayya Jones-Humienny (919-515-2399) or

Pre-Submittal Meeting: A Pre-submittal Meeting will be held virtually on May 17, 2022, at 1:00pm via Zoom meeting: Pre-Submittal Meeting. Attendance is not mandatory but highly encouraged. 

Closing Date: 4:30pm, May 26, 2022

Project Budget: Total project budget is $125,000

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