Advertisement for Bids- Bowen Residence Hall Fire Alarm System Replacement

Sealed proposals will be received by NC State University. Attention Don Ferree PE, until 2:00 pm
on December 15, 2022, in Conference Room 301, Administrative Services III Building 2601 Wolf
Village Way, Raleigh, NC 27695 and immediately thereafter publicly opened and read for the
furnishing of labor, material, and equipment for the construction of:

NC State University
Bowen Residence Hall Fire Alarm System Replacement
SCO ID No.: 22-24667-01A
NC State Project No.: 202220002

The project scope includes the installation of a new addressable fire alarm and voice evacuation
system for this nine-story, 53,737 sf building, originally constructed in 1968. The existing fire
alarm system will remain in service, until the new system is installed, tested, and accepted, and
then it will be removed. Construction is expected to occur during the Summer of 2023, while the
building is unoccupied.

Bids will be received for single prime bid contracts. All Proposals will be lump sum.
BID OPENING: December 15, 2022, at 2:00 pm EST

The following General Contractors have been pre-qualified to bid on this job:
 KAD Construction, Inc. ……………………………………………Raleigh, N. C.
 M-W Electric, Inc. ……………………………………………Red Springs, N. C.
 Troy Hutchins Construction, Inc. ……… …………………Morrisville, N. C.

Bid documents are available for examination in the plan rooms:
1. iSQFT; handles Associated General Contractors plan room.
2. The local North Carolina offices of Dodge Data and Analytics;
3. The Eastern Regional Offices of CMD Group in Norcross, GA;
4. The offices of the Designer: NV5, 3300 Regency Parkway # 100, Cary, NC 27518;
5. The North Carolina Institute of Minority Economic Development, Inc. (NCIMED) Plan and
Resource Center at 114 W. Parrish St., 6th Floor, Durham, NC; 919-956-8889 or 919-287-3036
6. The Hispanic Contractors Association of the Carolinas (HCAC) in Winston-Salem,
Charlotte and Raleigh Areas – 877-227-1680;

Complete plans and specifications for this project in electronic format can be obtained from NV5,
3300 Regency Parkway # 100, Cary, NC 27518, 919-836-4800 during normal office hours after
November 20, 2022. Email requests for the electronic documents may be sent to

The State reserves the unqualified right to reject any and all proposals.
North Carolina State University has an affirmative policy of fostering, promoting, and conducting
business with minority-owned enterprises. Minority contractors are encouraged to participate in
the bidding process.

The bidder must include completed minority business subcontractor documentation form(s) with
their proposal or the bid may be considered non-responsive and invalid.

A Pre-bid meeting will be held for all interested bidders on November 30, 2022, at 10:00 AM in
Room 301 of Administrative Services III Building at 2601 Wolf Village Way, Raleigh, NC 27695. The meeting
will address project-specific questions. Attendance at the pre-bid meeting is mandatory.

Don Ferree, PE
NC State University
Design and Construction