Construction Manager at Risk Advertisement – Flex Factory – Textiles Complex

Project: Flex Factory – Textiles Complex, NC State Project # 202200031

In order to offer Construction Manager at Risk services in response to this solicitation, the proposer must be licensed as a general contractor in the state of North Carolina.

Description: This project will be an interior renovation of approximately 13,000 sf to create cohesive spaces for a new Flex Factory on the ground floor of the Textiles Complex building on Centennial Campus. The Textiles complex was built in 1990. The new Flex Factory will house small rapid prototyping machines that are available to faculty, staff, and industry clients. The space should maintain a collaborative open classroom space, small conference areas, meetup spaces, secured storage and workspaces. The renovation will also renovate a new area for graduate studios.

Download the project summary, RFP data sheet and qualifications questionnaire below:

Project Budget: The project is funded through Design Development. Project budget of $6 million includes design, construction and other project-related costs.

Project Schedule: 

Construction Documents: November 2024
Bidding: January 2025
Construction NTP: March 2025

Submission Closing Date: 5:00 pm, December 1, 2023
Interested firms can participate in the process by submitting a proposal that addresses all the information requested by the Qualifications Questionnaire for CM at Risk. The Questionnaire will be available on October 23, 2023, through the Project Manager or on the website: Please note that one (1) copy of the proposal is required to be emailed to the project manager; the length of the proposal should be limited to 40 pages total. This limitation does not include the Cover Sheet, Tabs or Financial Statements.

Pre-Submittal Meeting: A Pre-submittal Meeting will be held November 13, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. in Conference Room 301 of the Admin III Building at 2601 Wolf Village Way on the NC State University campus. Obtain parking permits from NCSU Transportation, located in Administrative Services I, at 2721 Sullivan Drive. Attendance at the CMR Pre-Submittal Meeting is mandatory.

Proposal Submittal
To ensure the selection process is as objective as possible, do not contact members of the Board of Trustees, or any university officials other than the project manager. All questions and project submittals are to be directed to:

Melissa Diamond

Please note that only electronic copies of the proposal, submitted via email to the project manager, are requested.