CM at Risk Request for Prequalification- Page Hall Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades

Samet/WC Construction a joint venture is now accepting pre-qualification applications for the renovation of Page Hall for North Carolina State University with a Prequalification deadline of February, 14th, 2024, unless modified by the CM or Owner at a future date. Please request a prequalification form link by contacting Bethany Hartman at:

Project Description: Renovation Of Page Hall Building

In accordance with the N.C. General Statutes 143-129, 143-128.1, 143-135.8, all bidders must be pre-qualified by the Construction Manager to submit a sealed bid proposal for this project.  All 1st tier subcontractors or suppliers are required to complete the pre-qualification process.  This pre-qualification process requires 1st tier subcontractors or suppliers to complete a Subcontractor / Supplier Trade Partner Qualification Form.  Interested bidders should contact Samet/WC Construction Team member Nisha Rurka at

Minority-owned and women-owned businesses are encouraged to submit prequalification applications for this construction project.  Samet awards public contracts without regard to race, religion, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, or handicapping condition as defined by North Carolina General Statutes, Section 168A-3.