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Project: Research Support Facility, NC State Project # 202320019

Description: This project designs and constructs a new building to support Environmental Health and Safety’s efforts to manage controlled chemicals and to coordinate with waste disposal contractors for removal from campus.

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Project Budget: The budget of $6,000,000 incorporates design, construction, and all associated soft costs.

Project Site: The project site is located at Main Campus Drive in the Centennial Campus Precinct adjacent to the existing Golf Maintenance building.

Project Schedule: Planned completion of the project is February 2027.

Submission Closing Date: 5:00 PM on March 4, 2024

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Proposal Submittal
To ensure the selection process is as objective as possible, do not contact members of the Board of Trustees, or any university officials other than the project manager. All questions and project submittals are to be directed to:

Michele Maxwell

Please note that only electronic copies of the proposal, submitted via email to the project manager, are requested.