Designer Advertisement: McKimmon Center Comprehensive Modernization / Innovation Study

Project: McKimmon Center Comprehensive Modernization / Innovation Study, NC State Project # 202413007

Description: The McKimmon Center was built in 1976 (100,445GSF), with an addition built in 1983 (15,116GSF) totaling 115,561 GSF. There is a total of 69,136 assignable square footage (ASF) between the two buildings consisting of two-story/double volume space with conference/meeting rooms, offices, food service use and lounge space. The center currently provides an array of learning opportunities within a conference center setting.

This modernization and innovation study for both the building and surrounding context will result in a ten-year road map that includes a multi-phased implementation strategy to meet changing needs by examining:
a. Site – landscaping and hardscaping, lighting, parking, transportation, traffic, access and security.
b. Exterior building envelope – improve aesthetics, energy savings, long term maintenance
c. Infrastructure and building systems
d. Interior building renovations
– Anticipate future programming and space typologies needs
– Develop/ refinement of the building program
– Provide conceptual designs for renovations
e. Identify enabling projects and prioritization for a phased renovation approach
f. Provide an order of magnitude cost estimate in today’s dollars for each phase

Download the project summary below:

Project Budget: The budget of $99,000 includes all design fees and reimbursable expenses for the study. A landscape architect, building systems and traffic consultant should be included on the team.

Project Site: The project is located at 1101 Gorman Street, Raleigh, NC 27606 in the South Campus Precinct.

Project Schedule: This study will begin Fall 2024.

Submission Closing Date: 5:00 PM on July 12, 2024

Pre-Submittal Meeting: A Virtual Pre-submittal Meeting will be held on June 13, 2024 at 10:00 AM. Attendance is not mandatory and questions can be submitted via the link below.
Zoom Meeting Link (Meeting ID: 96243257391 Passcode: 572911)

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Proposal Submittal
To ensure the selection process is as objective as possible, do not contact members of the Board of Trustees, or any university officials other than the project manager. All questions and project submittals are to be directed to:

Karen Creech
Project Manager, Campus Planning and Strategic Investment

Please note that only electronic copies of the proposal, submitted via email to the project manager, are requested.