In-house Construction

Johnny Cline Manager
Johnny Cline
919-515-9929 (Office)
919-996-9831 (Cell)

General Description

The In-house Construction group oversees minor renovation projects, construction projects, and renovations on campus.  This work is performed by skilled trade personnel and prequalified contractors.

All work begins with a work request

  • A work request is appropriate for work to improve your space (painting existing walls, replace existing flooring, maintenance issues, etc.)
  • A Facilities Modification Form is needed for work that will change your space (move/add a door, wall, electrical outlet, etc.)

A Project Manager can assist you with any questions you may have.

Project Managers perform the following functions as the single point of contact for the project duration:

  • Define scope and expectations with the client
  • Prepare necessary drawings and marked up “as built”
  • Perform a hazards check (e.g. lead, asbestos, etc.)
  • Meet all building codes and university guidelines
  • Create the estimate
  • Specify and procure materials
  • Schedule resources
  • Resolve problems
  • Manage the budget
  • Coordinate and manage the on-site work
  • Create punch lists
  • Close out the project


Frequently asked questions for Our In-house Construction Group.