Intercampus Mail

Once a day, campus mail is picked up, sorted and distributed throughout the campus. A button-and-string interdepartmental envelope (no postage required) should be used to send mail to another department. You may request these from a Mail Services representative. Be sure to cross out all previous names and addresses. Campus mail cannot be used for personal or any non-university businesses.

We use the “campus mail box” to identify delivery locations within the University. Each department has been assigned a four (4) digit campus box number. The University directory lists box numbers for individuals.

Use campus box numbers as part of your return address for external mail. The campus box number is also the + 4 of your ZIP code.

Campus Mail must be addressed as follows:

The addressing of parcels and packages for internal distribution is of no less importance than envelope mail and is to be treated with the same diligence. In other words, use full name and exact campus box number when sending campus mail.
Large campus mailings (more than 300 addressed pieces) must be sorted by campus box number prior to delivery to Mail Services. For convenience in transporting, large campus mailings should be boxed or bundled in sections small enough for one person to carry.