Adverse Weather

Each winter weather event has its own unique characteristics, depending upon the start time of day, intensity and duration of the storm, temperature fluctuations and type of precipitation. The presence of snow or ice on roadways, pedestrian corridors and parking surfaces inhibits the movement of students, faculty, staff and visitors at the University. The purpose of the winter weather plan is to communicate planning, procedure and policy to the University community and the multiple departments involved in implementing the plan. The control and removal of snow or ice accumulations is the responsibility of multiple campus service groups.

The coordination and management of the event is the responsibility of Grounds and Building Services. The winter weather plan is maintained and reviewed annually by Grounds and Building Services and will provide basic guidelines regarding priorities and management of operations to make campus roadways, pedestrian corridors and buildings accessible. In the event of snow, ice or freezing rain, the objective of the winter weather plan is to provide the University with safe traveling conditions on roadways and pedestrian corridors by responding with an effective plan for clearing and control of snow or ice. Please exercise personal caution when walking or driving in winter weather conditions. Hazardous areas may develop or persist even after removal efforts and chemical treatment of snow and ice has taken place.

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