Building Locations

Bldg # Name Map Link
036 1911 Bldg
920 20 Enterprise St (HR/Student Affairs)
948D 2526 Hillsborough Street
049A 2806 Hillsborough St-Bldg A
049B 2806 Hillsborough St-Bldg B
140A 3115 Western Boulevard (Former Army Reserve Center)
933 313 Chapanoke Road (CALS)
291 3501 Avent Ferry
138A 3709 Hillsborough St Garage
138 3709 Hillsborough Street
928 5 W. Hargett Building
449B 512 Brickhaven Drive
449A 516 Brickhaven Drive
449C 520 Brickhaven Drive
122 Administrative Services I
121 Administrative Services II
215 Administrative Services III
097 Alexander Residence Hall
242B Alternative Fuels Garage
169A Applied Energy Research Lab I
169B Applied Energy Research Lab II
163D Aquatic Research Fish Lab
410 Arboretum Restrooms
446C Arboretum-Hfl Support Bldg
446A Arboretum-Support Office Bldg
222A Arctic Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg A
163K Attendant Station At Bulk Debris Site – Leonard Building
271C Avent Ferry C-Magnolia Cottage
271A Avent Ferry Residence Hall A
271B Avent Ferry Residence Hall B
271D Avent Ferry Residence Hall D
271E Avent Ferry Residence Hall E
271F Avent Ferry Residence Hall F
272 Avent Ferry Technology Center
222B Baffin Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg B
109 Bagwell Residence Hall
107 Becton Residence Hall
108 Berry Residence Hall
113 Biltmore Hall (And Robertson Wing)
072 Biological Resources Facility
446B Bobby G. Wilder Visitor Center
067A Bostian Hall
095 Bowen Residence Hall
088 Bragaw Residence Hall
162B Brick Research Facility
011 Brooks Hall
051 Broughton Hall
762A BTEC – Golden Leaf Biomanufacturing Training And Education Center
053 Bureau of Mines
042 Burlington Laboratory
128 Butler Communications Bldg.
025 Caldwell Hall
163E CALS Record Storage
101 Carmichael Gym
101C Carmichael Recreation Center
787B Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse
093 Carroll Residence Hall
135B Carter Finley Stad – Gates
135 Carter-Finley Stadium (And C Richard Vaughn Towers – Press Box)
103 Case Academic Center
222C Caspian Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg C
086 Cates Avenue Steam Plant
317A CBC Facilities Service Center
705A Centennial Campus Central Utility Plant (CCUP)
717 Centennial Campus Info Booth
787G Centennial Campus Reuse Water Distribution Pumphouse
705B Centennial Grounds Shop
248 Chemistry Storage
755D Cherry Building
029B Chilled Water Central Plant
106 Clark Hall
099 Coliseum Parking Deck
700 College Of Textiles
720C Constructed Facilities Lab
755C Council Building
055 Cox Hall
134 CVM Annex
301 CVM Main Building
300A CVM Research Building
117 D S Weaver Labs
054 Dabney Hall
158H Dail Outdoor Tennis Stadium
115F Dail Softball Stadium Batting Cage
115C Dail Softball Stadium Pressbox And Seating
115D Dail Softball Stadium Toilet-Concessions-Elect-Mech Building
825D Dairy Milking Parlor
060 Dan Allen Drive Parking Deck
038 Daniels Hall
075 David Clark Labs
162 Daylight Research Facility
162A Daylight Rotating Test Lab
164A Dearstyne Avian Health Center
164C Dearstyne Entomology Bldg
164B Dearstyne Isol Units
164D Dearstyne Storage Bldg
047B DH Hill (Old Bookstacks)
047 DH Hill Library
047C DH Hill New Bookstack
158E Doak Field-Concessns/Mens-Rm
158F Doak Field-Concessns/Womens-Rm
158B Doak Field-Field-Hse And Seats
158C Doak Field-Indoor Batting Cage
158D Doak Field-Press Box
158G Doak Field-Ticket Booth
133 Don E Ellis Building
786A Dorothy and Roy Park Alumni Ctr
304 East Barn – CVM
782A Engineering Building I (EB1)
782B Engineering Building II (EB2)
782C Engineering Building III (EB3)
614 Entomology Lab UFL 614
165D Entomology Storage Facility (Demolition Pending)
165C Entomology Storage Facility(Demolition Pending)
210 Env Health and Safety Center
047A Erdahl Cloyd Wing
127R ES King Village Commons
387 Facilities Equipment Storage
029A Facilities Operations Storage
124P Facilities Operations Support Storage Building
246A FER (Forestry and Environmental Resources) Graduate Facility
077 First Year College Commons
126 Fleet Services Facility
135G Football Practice Facility
082 Fountain Dining Hall
076 Fox Science Teaching Laboratory
105 Frank Thompson Hall
792B Friday Institute
067 Gardner Hall
012 Gold Residence Hall
222G Gray Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg G
141 Greek 1 – Lambda Chi Alpha
151 Greek 11 – Pi Kappa Phi
152 Greek 12 Delta Gamma
155 Greek 13-14 Kappa Alpha Theta/Pi Beta Phi
154 Greek 15 Alpha Tau Omega
142 Greek 2 Sigma Kappa
143 Greek 3 Kappa Alpha Order
144 Greek 4 Delta Zeta
145 Greek 5 Phi Gamma Delta
147 Greek 7 Sigma Phi Epsilon
148 Greek 8 Alpha Delta Pi
174A Greenhouse A Unit 4 At Method
174B Greenhouse B Unit 4 At Method
641 Greenhouse UFL 641
171A Greenhouse Unit 1 At Method
171B Greenhouse Unit 1 At Method
171C Greenhouse Unit 1 At Method
171D Greenhouse Unit 1 At Method
172A Greenhouse Unit 2 At Method
172B Greenhouse Unit 2 At Method
172C Greenhouse Unit 2 At Method
173A Greenhouse Unit 3 At Method
173B Greenhouse Unit 3 At Method
173C Greenhouse Unit 3 At Method
001 Gregg Museum of Art & Design
118 Grinnells Lab
306 Grounds Shop – CVM
780E Grove Hall- Wolf Ridge-Building 5
056 Harrelson Hall
090 Harris Hall
171 Headhouse Unit 1 At Method
172 Headhouse Unit 2 At Method
173 Headhouse Unit 3 At Method
174 Headhouse Unit 4 At Method
048 Hillsborough Building
114A Hodges Wood Prod Stor Central
114C Hodges Wood Prod Stor East
114B Hodges Wood Prod Stor North
114 Hodges Wood Products
003 Holladay Hall
110A Honors Village Commons
442A Horticulture Building At Arboretum
438 Horticulture Field Lab Hammer Mill Shed
444A Horticulture Greenhouse A
444B Horticulture Greenhouse B
444 Horticulture Headhouse
441 Horticulture Shed UFL 441
439 Horticulture Storage UFL 439
222H Hudson Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg H
017 Information Center
780C Innovation Hall-Wolf Ridge-Building 3
158A J.W. Isenhour Tennis Center
783A James B Hunt Jr Centennial Campus Library
446D JC Raulston Arboretum Lath House(Shade Structure)
058 Jordan Hall
058A Jordan Hall Addition
132 Joyner Visitor Center
011A Kamphoefner Hall
759A Keystone Science Center
069 Kilgore Hall
127P King Village Beaufort Hall P
127K King Village Bertie Hall K
127I King Village Bladen Hall I
127L King Village Carteret Hall L
127A King Village Chowan Hall A
127M King Village Craven Hall M
127B King Village Currituck Hall B
127Q King Village Edgecombe Hall Q
127G King Village Granville Hall G
127C King Village Hyde Hall C
127H King Village Johnston Hall H
127F King Village Northhampton Hall F
127E King Village Onslow Hall E
127D King Village Tyrrell Hall D
127J King Vlg New Hanover Hall J
127O King Vlg Pasquotank Hall O
127N King Vlg Perquimans Hall N
780F Lakeview Hall-Wolf Ridge-Building 6
124C Landscape Equip
124F Landscape Hazardous Materials
124G Landscape Hazardous Materials
791 Landscape Services Stor Unit
124E Landscape Storage
030 Language And Computer Labs
018 Leazar Hall
087 Lee Residence Hall
123 Libraries Satellite Shelving
222F Mackenzie Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg F
163F MAE Lab (At West Research Annex)
787C Maintenance Facility – Lonnie Poole Golf Course
040 Mann Hall
161 Materials Management Warehouse
129A McKimmon Addition
129 McKimmon Center
240 MEAS Field Lab
002 Memorial Belltower
094 Metcalf Residence Hall
175 Method Field House
315 Milking Parlor – CVM
163C Modular Dinoflagellate Fac
720A Monteith Engineering Res.Ctr. (MRC)
163G Natural Resource Storage Building
755E NC State University Childcare Center At 691 Palmer Street
078 Nelson Hall
021 North Residence Hall
157Z Olympic Trailer Unit
774A Oval West Parking Deck
092 Owen Residence Hall
034 Page Hall
033 Park Shops
300E Parking Deck – CBC Centennial Biomedical Campus – CVM
759B Parking Deck – Keystone Science Center
720B Parking Deck-Monteith Eng.Res.Ctr.
775 Partners Building I
710 Partners Building II
713 Partners Building III
713A Partners Way Parking Deck
046 Patterson Hall
008 Peele Hall
163 Pfiesteria Research Lab
070 Phytotron
780B Plaza Hall-Wolf Ridge-Building 2
024 Poe Hall
050 Polk Hall
436 Potting House UFL 436
781B Poulton Deck
781A Poulton Innovation Center
302 Power Plant – CVM
115H Press Box-Dail Soccer Field at Derr Track
104 Price Music Center
006 Primrose Hall
238 Public Safety Center
090A Pullen Hall
113B Pulp & Paper Labs
787D Pump House At Lonnie Poole Golf Course
761 Pump House Cent Campus
830A Pumphouse UFL Fb 823-Lake Wheeler
992A Pylon 10
992B Pylon-628-106 Hutton Street
222D Red Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg D
169E Research Annex Metal Bldg.
165A Research Annex West A
165B Research Annex West B
730 Research Building I
731 Research Building II
733 Research Building III
734 Research Building IV
710B Research Greenhouse 3 At Partners Building II
710A Research Greenhouse At Partners II
115G Restrooms-Dail Soccer Field At Derr Track
100 Reynolds Coliseum
045 Ricks Hall
045A Ricks Hall Addition
039 Riddick Hall
446 Ruby Mcswain Education Ctr
163H Salt Barn At Bulk Debris Site
032A SAS Hall
120 Schaub Food Science Building
068 Scott Hall
163B Small Animal Research
242 Solar House
242A Solar House Storage
242C Solar Testing Facility
755A Spring Hill House
616 Storage Bldg UFL 616
124K Storage Building At Sullivan Drive
134A Storage Building for Reproductive Physiology Lab- CVM Annex
163J Storage Shelter At Bulk Debris Site
063 Student Health Services Center
084 Sullivan Residence Hall
126D Sullivan Shops Building I
126E Sullivan Shops Building II
124A Sullivan Shops Building III
124B Sullivan Shops Building III Recycling
124J Sullivan Site Storage Shed
015 Syme Residence Hall
102 Talley Student Union
314 TAU Poultry House – CVM
305 Teaching Animal Unit – CVM
115J Team Building-Dail Soccer Field at Derr Track
300C Terry Companion Vet Med Center – CVM (Terry Center)
790A The Point-Chancellors Residence II
067B Thomas Hall
222E Timber Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg E
022 Tompkins Hall
780A Tower Hall-Wolf Ridge-Building 1
712 Toxicology Building
712A Toxicology Parking Deck
091 Tucker Residence Hall
096 Turlington Residence Hall
080 Turner House
080A Turner House Garage
172D Unit 2 Greenhouse D At Method
172E Unit 2 Greenhouse E At Method
134D Utility Building Rprl – CVM
780D Valley Hall-Wolf Ridge-Building 4
250A Varsity Research Building
307 Vet School Unit 1 (Finger Barn 1) – CVM
308 Vet School Unit 2 (Finger Barn 2) – CVM
309 Vet School Unit 3 (Finger Barn 3) – CVM
310 Vet School Unit 4 (Finger Barn 4) – CVM
311 Vet School Unit 5 (Finger Barn 5) – CVM
010 Watauga Residence Hall
117A Weaver Administration Bldg
117C Weaver Lab Gasification Research Shelter
117B Weaver Labs Garage
166 Weed Control Lab
166B Weed Control Lab “B”
166C Weed Control Lab “C”
166D Weed Control Lab “D”
167 Weed Control Lab Storage
111 Weisiger-Brown Ath Fac
013 Welch Residence Hall
135F Wendell H. Murphy Football Ctr
303 West Barn – CVM
223 West Chiller Plant
083 West Dunn Building
216A West Parking Deck
131 Western Blvd. Business Service
281 Western Manor Apartments ABC
282 Western Manor Apartments DEF
283 Western Manor Apartments GH
284 Western Manor Apartments IJ
285 Western Manor Apartments K
286 Western Manor Apartments L
287 Western Manor Apartments M
288 Western Manor Apartments NO
289 Western Manor Apartments PQ
062 Williams Hall
004 Winslow Hall
023 Winston Hall
043 Withers Hall
081 Witherspoon Student Center
112A Wood Residence Hall Bldg A
112B Wood Residence Hall Bldg B
112C Wood Residence Hall Bldg C
029 Yarbrough Dr Steam Plant

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