Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Last updated May 8 (2:45 p.m.)

Preparing Campus Buildings To Reopen

As the state of North Carolina and NC State University enter Phase 1 reopening, the Facilities Division is preparing to reopen campus buildings. 

Many campus buildings have had low or no occupancy for several weeks. To ensure normal operating conditions are restored, each building will undergo a comprehensive review before reopening. Additional Facilities employees will be on campus next week to begin this process. 

Buildings will be reviewed in order based on priorities established by university leadership. We ask for your patience as our employees work safely to ensure a safe and clean environment for your return. After completing the checks, the Facilities Division will notify the Facilities Liaison(s) of a building’s status.

Beginning next week, the Facilities Division will do the following:

  • The building will be cleaned thoroughly with particular attention to disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces such as door handles, stairway railings, elevator buttons, light switches and faucet handles.
  • Fire alarms and elevators will be checked.
  • Water pipes in buildings will be flushed to ensure water quality.
  • HVAC and mechanical systems will be checked. Preventive maintenance will be performed and proper settings will be confirmed to help ensure good indoor air quality.
  • Readiness of emergency and backup generators will be verified.
  • In research spaces, lab exhaust systems and support systems will be checked.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at (919) 515-2991.

Even with reduced operations, the Facilities Division continues to support campus. In accordance with social distancing guidelines, there are limited Facilities staff on-site but many staff are available remotely via phone or email.

Critical activities, such as facility emergencies or cleaning requests, will be prioritized. To submit emergency service requests, please call (919) 515-2991. We are available 24/7. 

Here is the status of specific Facilities services: 

Customer Service

The Customer Service Center continues operating 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. on weekdays. If urgent service is needed, dial (919) 515-2991. This number is staffed by personnel, who are working remotely and available to assist 24/7. During normal hours you may submit non-urgent requests through AiM if you are a Building Liaison. If you are accessing AiM from off campus you will be required to connect to the NC State network using the VPN Service. If you are not a liaison and need Facilities services, you may email 


Interior cleaning continues based on building occupancy and use.  Particular attention is given to common areas, high-use areas and high-touch areas such as door handles, sink faucets and stair railings. Our cleaning staff are equipped with EPA-registered disinfectants, HEPA-filtration vacuums and other equipment to extensively clean facilities.

Mail Services

Mail Services continues to operate. Customers may pick up mail on Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. at the mailroom, which is located at 621 Motor Pool Street in the Sullivan Shops II building behind Motor Pool. Campus ID is required. Outgoing mail can also be dropped off during these times. For FEDEX or UPS package pickup and delivery, please call (919) 515-8568.  Central Receiving is located in the Surplus Warehouse at 3240 Ligon Street.

Utilities and Energy Savings

The university’s five central utility plants are staffed and fully functional.  Steam, chilled water, electricity and water are available for all campus facilities. To reduce costs, Facilities Division personnel are implementing energy conservation efforts in campus buildings that are minimally used or are unoccupied:

  • Turning off lighting 
  • Turning off and unplugging electronics that are not being used, such as coffee machines, copiers, printers, scanners, etc.
  • Modifying indoor temperature setpoints to save energy while also maintaining healthy indoor air quality and humidity levels. Most campus buildings will be affected with the exception of research labs, animal facilities and designated facilities that are critical to the university’s mission. 
  • Closing fume hood sashes in labs. A fume hood uses about as much energy as two houses.

If you have any other questions/concerns, please send an email to 

Building Operations

Building support systems continue to operate as normal. Maintenance employees check essential buildings a couple of times per week and are on standby to support other campus operating units.   

Waste Removal

Campus waste is being collected consistent with campus activity.  To request waste service, call the Customer Service Center at (919) 515-2991.

Auto Shop

The Auto Shop will continue operating as needed to meet customer requests.  To arrange for service, call the Customer Service Center at (919) 515-2991.


The Facilities Warehouse is operating at reduced hours to accept deliveries and provide materials to meet customer needs. The warehouse is open 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.  


Design and construction projects that are currently underway will continue. Facilities project management staff are working remotely to keep projects progressing and will only be on campus if absolutely necessary (inspections, utility outages, etc.) and with approval from their supervisor. Anyone visiting construction project sites should notify the assigned Facilities project manager.

Facilities Construction Services has been directed to work from home, including Construction Shop employees, who are on leave. External contractors are presently allowed to work on campus, provided social distancing practices are used. However, many external contractors are not working at full capacity. In addition, the construction industry is facing delays in material availability. We have not received any notice that year-end funding deadlines will change. We will do everything possible to keep construction projects on schedule but anticipate these restrictions will impact the completion date for most projects. Please speak directly with your project manager to evaluate progress and year-end completion status. We appreciate your patience as we respond to such trying conditions.

Utility Disconnect Requests     

If a utility disconnect is needed by the customer or for a project, email with the following information: the type of disconnect requested, date requested, building and location, who is requesting and contact information.  Internal disconnects require a work order or project number. The Customer Service Center will forward the information to all parties for approval and once the appropriate approvals have been met, they will notify the requestor if the disconnect request is granted or denied.   

If You Are On Campus

If you are among the few currently living or working on campus, here are steps you can take to maximize energy savings, safety and security:

  1. Shut exterior windows and doors to boost security and energy efficiency.
  2. Turn off overhead and task lighting before leaving a room.
  3. Turn off nonessential electronics such as coffee makers, toasters, radios, fans, printers, scanners and other small appliances. Computers can be left on to allow for remote connections to a desktop.
  4. Clean and empty break room refrigerators. Empty refrigerators can be defrosted and left unplugged for energy savings (be sure to leave the door open).
  5. Lab users should close all fume hood sashes and power down non-essential lab equipment. Because labs use more energy than any other type of campus building, small efforts here can make a big difference in energy costs.
  6. Discard any food into your building’s central trash collection bins so that facilities remain pest-free during reduced operations. 

More about the university’s response to coronavirus is available at For additional details about the campus operations related to other university departments, visit Working@NC State During COVID-19.