Facilities Supervisor Resources

Supporting Staff During COVID-19

A global pandemic presents unique challenges for supervisors. Keep in the mind the following tips as you lead your team during this difficult time.Safety first. Share information that helps employees understand how to limit transmission of the virus. You should also take precautions as a supervisor in order to keep your employees safe. The university’s Protecting the Pack website has more information.

Utilize virtual, phone or other tools to keep open and transparent communication with employees. This is an uncertain time; if you don’t know the answer to a question, that’s OK.

Remind employees about the importance of self care — physically, mentally and emotionally. NC State offers a third-party Faculty and Staff Assistance Program that has many resources for your overall well-being.

Be sensitive to employee needs. Life isn’t normal anymore and employees may have unique needs due to the pandemic.

Thank employees often. This is a stressful time and many employees aren’t receiving the same level of in-person communication that is our norm. Honor employees by acknowledging their value to our organization.

Keep employees focused and productive. You may need to check in with employees more often than you would have previously.

If your direct reports are also supervisors, ensure that they are equipped with proper resources to be a good supervisor for their employees.

Promoting Equity and Diversity

Supervisors can lead in creating an workplace that promotes equity and diversity:

  • Maintain open communication.
  • Treat employees equally.
  • Be sensitive and choose words carefully not to belittle, make discriminatory remarks, or make remarks that can be perceived as such.
  • Provide equity training.
  • Instill equity and inclusion in hiring and daily practices.
  • Stay informed of campus changes and initiatives.

The Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity has additional resources.


Processes and procedures change. Here’s the latest how-to guides on the following common supervisor tasks.