3501 Avent Ferry


3501 Avent Ferry – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floors

Project Manager:

Micah Jasper

Total Cost:


Cost Per Square Foot:


Completion Date:

Jul 14, 2015


Micah Jasper, Project Manager, worked with the R&R Carpentry Projects, General, Construction, Lock, Roof & Waterproofing, Carpentry Maintenance and Paint Shops to demolish the old flooring, including baseboard.  A new handrail was fabricated in the stairwell.  The mold was cleaned and treated.  The entire house was painted.  The ceiling tiles were replaced on the first floor.  Eight doors were replaced.  Broken windows were fixed.  The shops fixed a water leak through the data conduit and fixed the outside gutter and downspouts.  The shops replaced the HVAC equipment: water heater, water boiler, cooling tower and pumps.

Work Order: 15-41728


Before Image:

After Image:

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