FAQ – Temperature Control

           “What are the temperature set point standards?”
Indoor temperature setpoints standards are in place to help maintain occupant comfort and reduce energy consumption. In general, the temperature set points will be between 72° F to 75° F degrees for cooling and 68° F to 71° F degrees for heating. When the buildings typically have low occupancy or are unoccupied, the temperature setpoints will be setback to 80°F to 85°F for cooling and 55°F to 60°F for heating.

          “What do I do if my room is outside the temperature set point standards?”
Report areas that are too hot or too cold to the Facilities Liaison or call the Customer Service Center at 919-515-2991 to submit a work order.

          “What can I do to save energy?”
Hit the Switch– Turn off lights when leaving a room, even for short periods of time and especially at the end of the day.
Pull the Plug– Turn off electronic devices and equipment (office, kitchen, and laboratory) when not in use. Better yet, unplug them if you can to eliminate standby power consumption.
Shut the Sash– If you’re doing research or experiments in a campus lab using a fume hood, remember to shut the sash when you’re not actively working at the fume hood.