Avent Ferry Technology Center

Building Address: 2114 Avent Ferry Road (show on map)

Building Abbreviation: AFH

Building Number: 272

Precinct: South

Initially purchased by NC State in 1994, the former Mission Valley Inn Hotel became the Avent Ferry Building and served as a warehouse. However, with a growing number of OIT staff, the office and classroom space became substandard, initiating a renovation project in 2007 and the relocation of OIT staff to various campus locations.

The renovated building is the Avent Ferry Technology Center (AFTC). It houses OIT’s Enterprise Application Systems (EAS) and Communication Technologies (ComTech) personnel and includes space for ClassTech’s warehouse and staging facility, three OIT classrooms and the ComTech warehouse. The center provides a more professional work environment and significantly improved space efficiency and facilitate collaboration within and between EAS and ComTech staff.

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