Physical Master Plan


NC State’s physical master plan, A Campus of Neighborhoods and Paths, is an inclusive guide to purposeful design. It builds upon a history of success in leveraging growth and change to give rise to new opportunities.

This updated physical master plan complements our commitment to creating a physical environment that supports our recently crafted strategic plan, A Pathway to the Future. Both documents share a focus on the enhancement of educational innovation, infrastructure, interdisciplinary collaboration, and strategic partnerships.  The end result is a setting that inspires a culture of constant improvement, learning, and applied discovery.

Master Plan Documents

2014 Master Plan
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North, Central and South Precinct .pdf | .jpg
Centennial Precinct .pdf | .jpg
West Precinct .pdf | .jpg
North, Central and South Precinct (without text) .pdf | .jpg
Centennial Precinct (without text) .pdf | .jpg
West Precinct (without text) .pdf | .jpg
Whole Campus (without text) .pdf | .jpg