Design and Construction Guidelines

The NC State University Design and Construction Guidelines are presented to the design community as an aid to the design and construction of facilities and renovations at NC State University. The information collected here represents the efforts of many design, construction, operations, and safety professionals to provide uniform and relevant information to designers on minimum standards required for University work.

Planning and DesignDivisionDate
Planning and Design - Classrooms00
Planning and Design - General Issues0010-28-2016
Planning and Design - Laboratory Design0001-12-2014
Planning and Design - Room Numbering0010-16-2012
Planning and Design - Security0002-14-2020
Planning and Design - Security Matrix0006-24-2013
Planning and Design - Space Planning0004-09-2024
Planning and Design - Space Standards and Programming0004-05-2023
Preferred Manufacturers List0005-05-2020
Signage Standards
Waste Materials Management and Zero Waste Workplace0008-11-2023
General RequirementsDivision Date
Contractor Safety Requirements0104-14-2022
Contractor Safety Requirements - FOR INFORMAL PROJECTS0108-25-2022
General Requirements - Construction Phase0104-09-2024
Supplementary General Conditions0109-28-2020
Temporary Facilities0112-23-2015
Facility ConstructionDivisionDate
Decommissioning and Decontamination0205-25-2011
Reuse, Recycling, and Hazardous Waste0211-05-2018
Wood, Plastic, and Composites06
Thermal and Moisture Protection0704-05-2024

Finish Hardware0807-19-2013

Interior Finishes0907-15-2016
Special Construction1305-25-2011
Conveying Equipment1403-27-2013
Facility ServicesDivisionDate
Fire Protection2107-19-2013
Air Handling Units2305-01-2013
Basic Mechanical Requirements2307-15-2016
Campus Automation2312-06-2012
Chilled Water System2302-18-2013
Cooling Towers2312-19-2012
Energy Management2307-30-2020
HVAC Motors2302-08-2013
Hydronic Pumps2311-02-2011
Integrated Automation23
Laboratory and Industrial Ventilation Systems2311-02-2011
Mechanical ID2308-14-2013
Mechanical Insulation2311-02-2011
Water Treatment2307-26-2013
Electrical Power/ Generators2602-01-2013
Fire Alarm Systems2605-08-2014
Transmission and Distribution2612-21-2012
Site and InfrastructureDivisionDate
Exterior Improvements - Plants, Turf Grass, & Soil Preparation3211-16-2017
Exterior Improvements - Roads, Streets, Walks, & Other Site Amenities3207-07-2015
Waterway and Marine Construction 35
Process EquipmentDivision
Process Integration40
Material Processing and Handling Equipment41
Process Heating, Cooling, and Drying Equipment42
Process Gas and Liquid Handling, Purification, and Storage43
Pollution Control Equipment44
Industry-specific Manufacturing 45
Electrical Power Generation 48