Facilities Division Safety

The Facilities Division provides a variety of services directed to create and preserve the physical environment that advances the university.  In order to achieve this end, the people within Facilities must complete each and every task with their personal safety and the safety of their co-workers at the front of every decision.  A safe workforce is a productive workforce.

It is NC State University’s environmental health and safety policy that no job is so important and no service so urgent, that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely, and in an environmentally conscientious manner.

The Facilities Division’s safety mission is No One Gets Hurt: Go For Zero. The purpose is for all Facilities Division employees to make safety personal, be able to purposefully identify hazards and establish control methods to address these hazards.



Hazard Identification and Mitigation

hierarchy of controls in order of most effective to least effective 1 elimination 2 substitution 3 engineering 4 procedure 5 personal protective equipmentFacilities Division employees use the following process prior to each job task:

  1. Identify Hazards 
  2. Assess Hazards
  3. Establish Controls using the Hierarchy of Controls
  4. Monitor Effectiveness

If a hazard is not controlled, every individual employee is empowered and expected to PAUSE the activity until action is taken to control the hazard.



CategoryHazard ExamplesControl Examples
Slips, Trips, FallsFall from height
Slippery surfaces
Objects in a walkway
Changes in elevation
Fall protection
Barricading slippery area
Good housekeeping
ElectricalExposed energized parts
Damaged cords
Power lines (over/under)
Arc Flash
De-energize, test, Lock Out Tag Out
Inspect cords (remove/repair)
Maintain safe distances
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
PressureSteam and Condensate Lines
Hydraulic Equipment
Residual Energy
Compressed Gases and Lines
Preventative Maintenance
Lock Out Tag Out
Cable Check (whip check)
MechanicalRotating Equipment
Pinch Points
Missing Guards
Component Failure
Installing Barriers
Installing Guards
Lock Out Tag Out
Preventative Maintenance
VehicleBacking (obstructed view)
Restricted view
Back up alarms/spotters
High Visibility lights / PPE
No portable electronic device use
TemperatureOutdoor temperatures
Ambient temperatures
Hot Work (welding/torch/etc.)
Hot | Cold surfaces
Heat illness prevention program
Hot work permits
Other hazards
Proper use and storage
HealthSilica, Asbestos, Lead
Abatement (removal)
Ventilation / vacuum
Work Practice
Personal Protective Equipment
ErgonomicsExcessive force
Repetitive motion
Awkward posture
Right tool for job
Work / Rest cycles
Mechanical vs manual
Proper lifting
Struck By or AgainstFalling objects
Flying objects
Limited space for work
Excavation cave-in
Secure objects
Install bump protection
Cave-in protection




Safety Action Committee

The fundamental purpose of the Committee is to get employees involved in safety. Employees are encouraged to:

The Facilities Safety Action Committee is comprised of three Teams: Base Team, Steering Team and Director Team. The Base Team, which includes employee leaders and front-line supervisors, identifies safety improvement items through incident history analysis and employee engagement.  The Steering Team, which consists of Facilities Division leadership, prioritizes and incorporates the Base Team’s ideas into operations. The Director Team, which consists of Facilities Division unit directors, endorses the operational changes. Ultimately, the teams give a voice to all Facilities employees. This ensures that the Facilities Division identifies and implements solutions that are the most effective.

Back row, from left: Steve Bostic, Jake Terrell, Christian Davis, Douglas Morton, Toni Gaines, Andy Snead, Rich Hassard, Steve Reed, Jon Horbelt Middle row, from left: Garden Freeman, Lisa Johnson, Eric Olson, Jake Barrett (resigned), Taft Waldon, Nessa Stone, Sumayya Jones-Humienny, William Lynch, Chad Schilling, Barb Hise, Cameron Smith Front row, from left: Charlie Marshall, Brian Carter, Michael Ellison, Shirley Harris Members not in photo: Michael Baraldi, Allen Boyette, Tonya Howard, Claire Stevens