Guidelines for Public Art Acquisition and Display

Guidelines for Public Art Acquisition and Display                                                     August 13, 2020

Public Art Committee:

The Executive Director for the Arts (or his or her designee), The Gregg Museum Director (or his or her designee), the Dean of the College of Design (or his or her designee), the University Architect and the University Landscape Architect (or his or her designees) constitute the campus Public Art Committee and shall be included in all discussions regarding the acquisition of public artwork and other objects intended for permanent display in public spaces on campus.  This applies whether the art is a gift, is being provided through other funding sources, or on loan to the university. These representatives assist in identifying and meeting critical criteria and considerations for university acceptance, as well as the successful installation of artwork and other objects for display on NC State‚Äôs campus.

When special expertise or additional input is needed, this group may invite additional feedback or establish ad hoc committees, as appropriate, including representatives of the visual arts departments (e.g. Art and Design, Landscape Architecture or Architecture) or the Crafts Center.

General Guidelines:

When a gift of public art is being offered to the university, or when public art or an object is being commissioned or under consideration for public display, the committee must be contacted to begin the public artwork planning process.

This committee also assists in establishing a Request for Proposal (RFP), if necessary, which will include the guidelines and criteria for artists submitting proposals for the creation of any commissioned artworks.  Additionally, committee members serve in an advisory role. This includes helping ensure the art meets specified objectives and addressing issues such as aesthetics and form/scale considerations.

Maintenance of public art is the responsibility of the unit that requests or accepts a gift of art or object for display.

Exterior Public Artwork Guidelines:
The University Architect and the University Landscape Architect are professionals in the field of planning and design.  They will function as university liaisons to the artist, architect and/or project team (as applicable) responsible for the design and implementation of exterior public art and objects for display.

The University Architect and the University Landscape Architect will also help address issues including, but not limited to: form and scale considerations relative to the building and/or site, campus safety considerations, precedent, how the art and objects should or could be sited, lighting considerations and landscaping.

Interior Public Artwork Guidelines:
The Public Art Committee shall be contacted to initiate planning art and objects for display in public interior spaces, such as lobbies, lounges and public meeting rooms.

Although involving staff and faculty of the Gregg Museum and College of Design may not be required for all decisions regarding interior art Collections in departmental offices and spaces, their consultation is recommended when trying to determine:

  • The value of the gift of art
  • Whether to accept or decline a gift of art
  • If insurance advice is needed
  • How and where to securely install artwork to prevent injury, damage and theft

Guidelines for Public Art Acquisition and Display

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University Landscape Architect
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