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Building List

NameNo.Abbr.PrecinctAddressCityFloor Plan *
111 Lampe Drive038LMPNorth111 Lampe Dr.Raleigh038.pdf
151 Patton Ave.960KVBFOutlying151 Patton Ave.Asheville960k.pdf
1033 Wade Avenue929TWANorth1033 Wade AvenueRaleigh929.pdf
1701 Sunset Avenue, Rocky Mount951ASA1Outlying1701 Sunset AveRocky Mount951a.pdf
1801 Varsity756AVARCentennial1801 Varsity Dr.Raleigh756a.pdf
1911 Building036NINNorth10 Current Dr.Raleigh036.pdf
2101 Blue Ridge Rd.465RBRRReedy Creek2101 Blue Ridge Rd.Raleigh465r.pdf
2101 Blue Ridge Rd. Holding Facility465SBRHReedy Creek2101 Blue Ridge Rd.Raleigh465s.pdf
2319 1/2 Champion Court280ACH1South2319 1/2 Champion CourtRaleigh280a.pdf
2355 1/2 Champion Court280BCH2South2355 1/2 Champion CourtRaleigh280b.pdf
2526 Hillsborough Street948DFMMNorth2526 Hillsborough St.Raleigh948d.pdf
2806 Hillsborough St-Bldg A049AHL1North2806 Hillsborough St. Raleigh049a.pdf
2806 Hillsborough St-Bldg B049BHL2North2806 Hillsborough St. Raleigh049b.pdf
3115 Western Boulevard (Former Army Reserve Center)140AARCSouth3115 Western Blvd. Raleigh140a.pdf
313 Chapanoke Road (CALS)933CHPOutlying314 Chapanoke Rd.Raleigh
Greek 291 Beta Theta Pi291G3AOutlying3501 Avent Ferry Rd. Raleigh291.pdf
3709 Hillsborough St Garage138AHBGNorth3709 Hillsborough St. Raleigh138a.pdf
3709 Hillsborough Street138HBSNorth3709 Hillsborough St. Raleigh138.pdf
4 Unit Bulk Tobacco(Upiedmont)860DZ34Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
407 Gorman910FGSNorth407 Gorman St. Raleigh910.pdf
4101 Beryl Road449BBH2West4101 Beryl Rd.Raleigh449b.pdf
706 Hillsborough St948RHBBOutlying706 Hillsborough St.Raleigh948r.pdf
845 Church St999NECSOutlying845 Church St.Concord999n.pdf
Administrative Services I122AS1Central2721 Sullivan Dr.Raleigh122.pdf
Administrative Services II121AS2Central2711 Sullivan Dr.Raleigh121.pdf
Administrative Services III215AS3Central2601 Wolf Village WayRaleigh215.pdf
Administrative Services Annex123ASXCentral2731 Sullivan Dr.Raleigh123.pdf
Agroecology Pole Barn825GAF3Lake Wheeler4414 Mid Pines Rd.Raleigh825g.pdf
Agroecology Shelter825EAF1Lake Wheeler4410 Mid Pines Rd.Raleigh825e.pdf
Agroecology Storage Shed825FAF2Lake Wheeler4412 Mid Pines Rd.Raleigh825f.pdf
Albright Innovation Hall-Wolf Ridge-Building 3780CWR3Centennial381 Initiative WayRaleigh780c.pdf
Alexander Residence Hall097AEXCentral2700 Cates Ave.Raleigh097.pdf
Alliance Center760AACRCentennial901 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh760a.pdf
Alternative Fuels Garage242BAFGSouth1202 Gorman St.Raleigh242b.pdf
Aluminum Storage Bldg - CVM347ASBWest1280 Horse LaneRaleigh347.pdf
American Tower Mobile Carrier Shelter135KMS1West4652 Trinity Rd.Raleigh135k.pdf
Animal Air Quality And Environmental Management814WWTRLake Wheeler Site3964 Parametri Rd.Raleigh814w.pdf
Animal Health Research Storage Facility - Lake Wheeler815LASFLake Wheeler Site3900 Mid-Pines RoadRaleigh815l.pdf
Animal Husbandry Shed345AHBWest4528 Terry Curtin Dr.Raleigh345.pdf
Applied Energy Research Lab I169AAE1West3237 Ligon St.Raleigh169a.pdf
Applied Energy Research Lab II169BAE2West3239 Ligon St.Raleigh169b.pdf
Aqua Demo Bldg UFL 640640ADBSouth1310 Varsity Dr.Raleigh640.pdf
Arboretum Children's Program Storage445CACSWest3230 Ligon St.Raleigh445c.pdf
Aboretum-Hfl Support Bldg446CAHSWest4401 Beryl Rd.Raleigh446c.pdf
Arboretum-Support Office Bldg446AASOWest3255 Beryl Rd.Raleigh446a.pdf
Arboretum-Youth Education Yurt446EYEYWest 4415 Beryl Rd.Raleigh446e.pdf
Archery Shed At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816XBJXOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816x.pdf
Archery Shed Millstone 4-H Camp864VMCVOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Archery Shelter/Storage Millstone 4-H Camp865UM41Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Arctic Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg A222AWVACentral2770 Wolf Village WayRaleigh222a.pdf
Arrowhead House - Hawkinsville, GA999RAHGOutlying214AB Seed Orchard Rd.Hawkinsville999r.pdf
Artifact Storage (Gregg Museum)995ASGOutlying320 N Elm St.Apex995.pdf
Assembly Building Millstone 4-H Camp863AASMOutlying1296 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Attendant Station At Bulk Debris Site - Leonard Building163KBD2WestLigon St.Raleigh163k.pdf
Aurora Hall - Avent Ferry Residence Hall A271AAFASouth2110 Avent Ferry Rd.Raleigh271a.pdf
Avent Ferry Technology Center272AFHSouth2114 Avent Ferry Rd.Raleigh272.pdf
Baffin Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg B222BWVBCentral2780 Wolf Village WayRaleigh222b.pdf
Bagwell Residence Hall109BAGCentral2201 Dunn AveRaleigh109.pdf
Barn/Caretaker's Shop (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827BAABOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Barn/Storage/Entrance/Tool (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827CAACOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Bath House At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp817BBJ2Outlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville817b.pdf
Bayview Hall - Avent Ferry Residence Hall B271BAFBSouth2110 Avent Ferry Rd.Raleigh271b.pdf
Becton Residence Hall107BECCentral2231 Dunn Ave.Raleigh107.pdf
Bee Research Lab-UFL D24819CBRLLake Wheeler Site4325 Inwood Rd.Raleigh819c.pdf
Beef Feeding Complx(Upiedmont)860MZ42Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Berry Residence Hall108BERCentral2211 Dunn Ave.Raleigh108.pdf
Biltmore Hall (Robertson Wing)113BICentral2820 Faucette Dr.Raleigh113.pdf
Biological Resources Facility072BRCNorth2761 Pillsbury Cir.Raleigh072.pdf
Biomedical Partnership Center - CVM300BBPCWest1001 William Moore Dr.Raleigh300b.pdf
Block Barn - Lake Wheeler825MBBLLake Wheeler Site3512 Lake Wheeler Rd.Raleigh825m.pdf
Bobby G. Wilder Visitor Center446BAZHWest4421 Beryl Rd.Raleigh446b.pdf
Booster Pump Station170ABPSCentral3051 Ligon St.Raleigh170a.pdf
Bostian Hall067ABOSNorth2721 Pillsbury Cir.Raleigh067a.pdf
Bowen Residence Hall095BOWCentral2821 Thurman Dr.Raleigh095.pdf
Boys Area Water Heater Bldg - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801TSWTOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Raleigh
Boys Area Water Heater Bldg - Swannanoa 4-H Camp864PMCPOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Boys Bathhouse Site 1 (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827FAAFOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Boys Toilet Bldg Site 2 (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827UAAUOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Bragaw Residence Hall088BRACentral210 Dan Allen Dr.Raleigh088.pdf
Bragaw Switching Station North Switchgear085NBSNCentralRaleigh085n.pdf
Bragaw Switching Station South Switchgear085SBSSCentralRaleigh085s.pdf
Brick Research Facility162BBRFWest3223 Ligon St.Raleigh162b.pdf
Brooks Hall011BSNorth50 Pullen Dr.Raleigh011.pdf
Broughton Hall051BRNorth2601 Katharine Stinson Dr.Raleigh051.pdf
BTEC - Golden Leaf Biomanufacturing Training And Education Center762ABTCCentennial850 Oval Dr.Raleigh762a.pdf
Bulk Tobacco Barn (Lowcoastal)855EQ95Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
Bureau of Mines053BMNorth2500 Yarbrough Dr.Raleigh053.pdf
Burley Barn Building #69807WJ51Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton807w.pdf
Burlington Laboratory042BUNorth2500 Katharine Stinson Dr.Raleigh042.pdf
Butler Communications Bldg.128BUTCentral3210 Faucette Dr.Raleigh128.pdf
C. Richard Vaughn Towers - Press Box135CCF2West4680 Trinity Rd. Raleigh135c.pdf
Cabin B1 - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801JSWJOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa801j.pdf
Cabin B2 - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801KSWKOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Cabin B3 - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801MSWMOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Cabin B4 - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801NSWNOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Cabin G1 - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801ESWEOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa801e.pdf
Cabin G2 - Swannonoa 4-H Camp801FSWFOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Cabin G3 - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801GSWGOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Cabin G4 - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801HSWHOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Calan Barn (Upiedmont)861FZ58Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville861f.pdf
Caldwell Hall025CALNorth2221 Hillsborough St.Raleigh025.pdf
CALS - Vernon James Center - Plymouth999CVJCOutlying207 Research Station RdPlymouth999c.pdf
CALS - Water Drainage Mgmt Research Bldg A - Plymouth875ACWAOutlying207 Research Station RdPlymouth875a.pdf
CALS - Water Drainage Mgmt Research Bldg B - Plymouth875BCWBOutlying207 Research Station RdPlymouth875b.pdf
CALS - Water Drainage Mgmt Research Bldg C - Plymouth875CCWCOutlying207 Research Station RdPlymouth875c.pdf
CALS - Water Drainage Mgmt Research Bldg D - Plymouth875DCWDOutlying207 Research Station RdPlymouth875d.pdf
CALS - Water Drainage Mgmt Research Bldg E - Plymouth875ECWEOutlying207 Research Station RdPlymouth875e.pdf
CALS - Water Drainage Mgmt Research Bldg F - Plymouth875FCWFOutlying207 Research Station RdPlymouth875f.pdf
CALS - Water Drainage Mgmt Research Bldg G - Plymouth875GCWGOutlying207 Research Station RdPlymouth875g.pdf
CALS - Water Drainage Mgmt Research Bldg H - Plymouth875HCWHOutlying207 Research Station RdPlymouth875h.pdf
CALS Admin Bldg UFL 804-Aurora849CQ73Outlying2002 Hickory Point Rd.Aurora849c.pdf
CALS Ag Chemical Mixing Facility - Castle Hayne880PACMOutlying3800 Castle Hayne Rd.Castle Hayne880p.pdf
CALS Animal Health Research Bldg - Lake Wheeler815KAHRLake Wheeler Site3900 Mid-Pines Rd.Raleigh815k.pdf
CALS APWMC Composting UFL 224-Lake Wheeler815AACULake Wheeler Site4061 Chi Rd.Raleigh815a.pdf
CALS Atmos Study Lab UFL 184-Reedy Creek822CY72Reedy Creek1591 Equine Farm Rd.Raleigh822c.pdf
CALS Auto Sow Bldg UFL 214-Lake Wheeler810RX17Lake Wheeler Site3956 Parametric Rd. Raleigh810r.pdf
CALS - BAE Equipment Building - Lake Wheeler809RBAELake Wheeler Site3961 Chi Rd.Raleigh809r.pdf
CALS - BFEU Cattle Chute Shed (Building D) - Lake Wheeler815DCRILake Wheeler4505 Mid-Pines Rd.Raleigh815d.pdf
CALS - Commodities Shed (Building C) - Lake Wheeler815GCLWLake Wheeler4505 Mid-Pines Rd.Raleigh815g.pdf
CALS Beef Barn Feed Barn UFL 130-Reedy Creek820XY41Reedy Creek2100 Trenton Rd.Raleigh820x.pdf
CALS Beef Barn/Hay Storage UFL 145-Reedy Creek821JY53Reedy Creek4616 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh821j.pdf
CALS Beef Education Unit - Lake Wheeler815FBEULake Wheeler Site4505 Mid Pines Rd.Raleigh815f.pdf
CALS Blueberry Grading - Castle Hayne880HH05OutlyingHolly Shelter Rd.Castle Hayne
CALS Boll Weevil Erad Off UFL 174-Reedy Creek465DRCDReedy Creek4116 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh465d.pdf
CALS Booth Field Leaning Laboratory-Lake Wheeler814XW05Lake Wheeler Site4000 Chi Rd.Raleigh814x.pdf
CALS Breed/Gestation UFL 2115-Lake Wheeler813WX97Lake Wheeler Site3901 Inwood Rd.Raleigh813w.pdf
CALS Breeze Farm House- Bahama844ABFHOutlying4909 Walnut Grove Church Rd.Hillsborough844a.pdf
CALS Broiler Breeder UFL 275-Lake Wheeler812PX65Lake Wheeler Site4605 Broiler Rd.Raleigh812p.pdf
CALS Brood Stock Bldg - Lake Wheeler815VBS1Lake Wheeler Site3911 Inwood Rd.Raleigh815v.pdf
CALS Brood Stock Rearing UFL 811-Aurora849KBSROutlying2002 Hickory Point Rd.Aurora849k.pdf
CALS Bubl Storage Bldg #4 - Castle Hayne880MM05Outlying3800 Castle Hayne Rd.Castle Hayne
CALS Bulk Tobacco Barn #1 - Kinston856CLC1Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
CALS Bulk Tobacco Barn #2 - Kinston856DLC2Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
CALS Bulk Tobacco Barn #3 - Kinston856ELC3Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
CALS Bulk Tobacco Barn #4 - Kinston856FLC4Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
CALS Bulk Tobacco Barn #5856GLC5Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
CALS Bulk Tobacco Barn #6856HLC6Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
CALS Bull Shelter UFL 1004-Bahama845DQ05Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845d.pdf
CALS Bull Shelter UFL 1006- Bahama845FQ07Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845f.pdf
CALS Bull Shelter UFL 1008-Bahama845HQ09Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845h.pdf
CALS Bull Shelter UFL 1010- Bahama845KQ11Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845k.pdf
CALS Bull Shelter UFL 1072- Bahama846QQ41Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846q.pdf
CALS Bull Shelter UFL 1074- Bahama846RQ42Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846r.pdf
CALS Bull Shelter UFL 1076- Bahama846SQ43Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846s.pdf
CALS Bull Shelter UFL 1078- Bahama846TQ44Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846t.pdf
CALS Butler Barn- Mills River850YZ15Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Calf Barn UFL 296-Lake Wheeler813GX83Lake Wheeler Site425 Dairy LaneRaleigh813g.pdf
CALS Cattle Scale Shed - Reidsville861DD34Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
CALS Cattle Shed UFL 1035- Bahama845ZQ25Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845z.pdf
CALS Cattle Shed UFL 1049- Bahama846KQ36Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846k.pdf
CALS Cattle Shed UFL 1070- Bahama846NQ39Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846n.pdf
CALS Cattle Shed UFL 107-Reedy Creek820HY27Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd.Raleigh820h.pdf
CALS Central Office UFL 229-Lake Wheeler811CX29Lake Wheeler Site3720 Lake Wheeler Rd.Raleigh811c.pdf
CALS Chem Storage- Mills River850XZ24Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Classroom Building-Lake Wheeler809YCB1Lake Wheeler Site4009 Chi Rd.Raleigh809y.pdf
CALS Cold Storage & Grading - Mills River850DZ05Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Comfort Ctr-Peu UFL 2103-Lake Wheeler813LX87Lake Wheeler Site4514 Broiler Rd.Raleigh813l.pdf
CALS Commodity Barn- Lake Wheeler825CCB2Lake Wheeler Site460 Dairy LaneRaleigh825c.pdf
CALS Compost Shed- Mills River850VZ22Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Corn Genetics UFL 178-Reedy Creek465HRCHReedy Creek4116 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh465h.pdf
CALS Corral Shelter UFL 1033- Bahama846VQ46Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846v.pdf
CALS Cow/Calf Barn UFL 1030- Bahama845WQ22Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845w.pdf
CALS Cow/Calf Icu UFL 1048- Bahama846JQ35Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846j.pdf
CALS Crop Drying UFL 172-Reedy Creek465KRCKReedy Creek4116 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh465k.pdf
CALS Crop Science Stor UFL 149-Reedy Creek821MY56Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd.Raleigh821m.pdf
CALS Cross Section Shelter -Lake Wheeler809UCSSLake Wheeler Site4048 Chi Rd.Raleigh809u.pdf
CALS Cs Breed Res UFL 194-Reedy Creek465FRCFReedy Creek4116 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh465f.pdf
CALS Dairy Feed/Housing UFL 291-Lake Wheeler813CX79Lake Wheeler Site301 Dairy LaneRaleigh813c.pdf
CALS Dairy Feed/Housing UFL 292-Lake Wheeler813DX80Lake Wheeler Site301 Dairy LaneRaleigh813d.pdf
CALS Dairy/Lngng/Feed Barn UFL 234-Lake Wheeler811HX34Lake Wheeler Site401 Dairy LaneRaleigh811h.pdf
CALS Diet Mix Lab UFL 131-Reedy Creek820YY42Reedy Creek2100 Trenton Rd.Raleigh820y.pdf
CALS Dr. Carl T. Blake Maintenance Bldg-Lake Wheeler810YW06Lake Wheeler Site3930 Dr. Bill Gilbert WayRaleigh810y.pdf
CALS Dryer Shed #53- Clayton807PP53Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Dwelling - Castle Hayne880DD08Outlying3800 Castle Hayne Rd.Castle Hayne
CALS Dwelling - Meu UFL D11-Reedy Creek820Y19Reedy Creek2001 Trenton Rd.Raleigh820.pdf
CALS Dwelling - Seu UFL D12-Reedy Creek820AY20Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd.Raleigh820a.pdf
CALS Dwelling - Supt UFL D92-Lake Wheeler810CX04Lake Wheeler Site3232 Lake Wheeler Rd.Raleigh810c.pdf
CALS Dwelling (Wood Frame) - Mills River850JZ10Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Dwelling (Wood Frame) - Mills River850MZ13Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Dwelling (Wood Frame)- Mills River850HZ09Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Dwelling D1-Clayton805J01Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Dwelling D2- Clayton805BJ03Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Dwelling D40- Clayton806HJ35Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Dwelling UFL D22-Lake Wheeler810X01Lake Wheeler Site3920 Dr. Bill Gilbert WayRaleigh810.pdf
CALS Dwelling UFL D28-Lake Wheeler810BX03Lake Wheeler Site4108 Lake Wheeler Rd.Raleigh810b.pdf
CALS Dwelling-BEU UFL D14-Reedy Creek820BY21Reedy Creek4901 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh820b.pdf
CALS Equine Stallion Barn UFL 118-Reedy Creek476W3Reedy Creek5100 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh
CALS Equine Training Facility-Reedy Creek475ETFReedy Creek5100 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh475.pdf
CALS Equip Metal Shed - Mills River850RZ18Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Equip Shed UFL 1036- Bahama846Q26Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846.pdf
CALS Equip Shed UFL 297-Lake Wheeler813HX84Lake Wheeler Site400 Dairy LaneRaleigh813h.pdf
CALS Equip Shelter UFL 1023- Bahama845VQ21Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845v.pdf
CALS Equip Storage Shed UFL 205-Lake Wheeler810GX08Lake Wheeler Site4003 Chi Rd.Raleigh810g.pdf
CALS Equip Storage UFL 121-Reedy Creek820RY35Reedy Creek2150 Trenton Rd.Raleigh820r.pdf
CALS Equip Storage UFL 151-Reedy Creek821PY58Reedy Creek4905 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh
CALS Equip Storage UFL 288-Lake Wheeler813X76Lake Wheeler Site3932 Dr. Bill Gilbert WayRaleigh813.pdf
CALS Equip/Supply Stor UFL 111-Reedy Creek820LY30Reedy Creek4905 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh
CALS Equipment Room And Storage-Lake Wheeler809WERSLake Wheeler Site4040 Chi Rd.Raleigh809w.pdf
CALS Eqipment Shed #1 - Castle Hayne880KEQ1Outlying3800 Castle Hayne Rd.Castle Hayne880k.pdf
CALS Equip Shed #2 - Castle Hayne880NEQ2Outlying3800 Castle Hayne Rd.Castle Hayne880n.pdf
CALS Equipment Shed UFL 295-Lake Wheeler813FX82Lake Wheeler Site450 Dairy LaneRaleigh813f.pdf
CALS Equipment Storage - Castle Hayne880FF17Outlying3800 Castle Hayne Rd.Castle Hayne
CALS Equipment Storage UFL 175-Reedy Creek465BRCPReedy Creek4116 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh465b.pdf
CALS Experimental Hatchery Bldg - Lake Wheeler815XEHBLake Wheeler Site3915 Inwood Rd.Raleigh815x.pdf
CALS Farm Equip Storage UFL 170-Reedy Creek465GRCGReedy Creek4116 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh465g.pdf
CALS Farm Storage UFL 147G-Reedy Creek821KY54Reedy Creek4905 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh
CALS Farrowing Hse UFL 2107-Lake Wheeler813NX89Lake Wheeler Site3707 Interval Rd.Raleigh813n.pdf
CALS Feed Bldg UFL 808-Aurora849GQ77Outlying2002 Hickory Point Rd.Aurora849g.pdf
CALS Feed Bldg-Seu UFL 2108-Lake Wheeler813PX90Lake Wheeler Site3705 Interval Rd.Raleigh813p.pdf
CALS Feed Mill Bldg UFL 133-Reedy Creek821Y44Reedy Creek2100 Trenton Rd.Raleigh821.pdf
CALS Feed Mill Bldg UFL 2118-Lake Wheeler813ZY01Lake Wheeler Site3919 Coefficient Rd.Raleigh813z.pdf
CALS Feed Mill Education Unit - Lake Wheeler815EFMELake Wheeler Site4001 Chi Rd.Raleigh815e.pdf
CALS Feed Mill UFL 1042- Bahama846DQ30Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846d.pdf
CALS Feed Mill UFL 241-Lake Wheeler811PX40Lake Wheeler Site4521 Broiler Rd.Raleigh811p.pdf
CALS Feed Shelter UFL 1003-Bahama845CQ04Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845c.pdf
CALS Feed Shelter UFL 1005- Bahama845EQ06Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845e.pdf
CALS Feed Shelter UFL 1007- Bahama845GQ08Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845g.pdf
CALS Feed Shelter UFL 1009- Bahama845JQ10Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845j.pdf
CALS Feed Shelter UFL 1011- Bahama845LQ12Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845l.pdf
CALS Feed Shelter UFL 1013- Bahama845MQ13Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845m.pdf
CALS Feed Shelter UFL 1015- Bahama845NQ14Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845n.pdf
CALS Feed Shelter UFL 1017- Bahama845PQ15Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845p.pdf
CALS Field Lab - Mills River850LZ12Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Fert/Pest Bldg #49- Clayton806NJ40Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Fertilizer & Pesticide Bldg - Mills River850FZ07Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Fertilizer Stor UFL 1022- Bahama845UQ20Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845u.pdf
CALS Fertilizier Storage # 29- Clayton805YJ24Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Finishing Bldg UFL 2111-Lake Wheeler813SX93Lake Wheeler Site3912 Coefficient Rd.Raleigh813s.pdf
CALS Fish Barn- Mills River850UZ21Outlying74 Research DriveMills River850u.pdf
CALS Fish Barn Greenhouse - Lake Wheeler815TFBGLake Wheeler Site3901 Inwood Rd.Raleigh815t.pdf
CALS Fish Barn Office - Lake Wheeler815WFBOLake Wheeler Site3905 Inwood Rd.Raleigh815w.pdf
CALS Fish Barn UFL 2500-Lake Wheeler815BFBULake Wheeler Site3909 Inwood Rd.Raleigh815b.pdf
CALS Forage Res UFL 193-Reedy Creek465CRCCReedy Creek4116 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh465c.pdf
CALS Forage-Metabolism Res. UFL 181-Reedy Creek822Y69Reedy Creek2001 Trenton Rd.Raleigh822.pdf
CALS Foreman Residence Trlr #D8 - Castle Hayne880JFRTOutlyingHolly Shelter Rd.Castle Hayne
CALS Front Blueberry Irrigation Shed - Castle Hayne880BBISOutlying6028 Holly Shelter Rd.Castle Hayne880b.pdf
CALS Front Well Pumphouse - Castle Hayne880TFWPOutlying6028 Holly Shelter Rd.Castle Hayne880t.pdf
CALS Garage - Meu UFL 164-Reedy Creek821UY63Reedy Creek2001 Trenton Rd.Raleigh821u.pdf
CALS Garage UFL 187-Reedy Creek822FY75Reedy Creek4903 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh822f.pdf
CALS Garage/Equip Storage UFL 207- Lake Wheeler810JX10Lake Wheeler Site3901 Inwood Rd.Raleigh810j.pdf
CALS General Services Bldg # 28- Clayton805XJ23Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Generator Shed UFL 807-Aurora849FQ76Outlying2002 Hickory Point Rd.Aurora849f.pdf
CALS Genetics Bldg UFL 231-Lake Wheeler811EX31Lake Wheeler Site4510 Poultry Rd.Raleigh811e.pdf
CALS Gestation Bldg UFL 2110-Lake Wheeler813RX92Lake Wheeler Site3701 Interval Rd.Raleigh813r.pdf
CALS Glass Greenhouse - Mills River850TZ20Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Grease/Tire Storage UFL 185-Reedy Creek822DY73Reedy Creek4616 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh822d.pdf
CALS Greenhouse - Mills River850AZ02Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Butler Greenhouse - Mills River851AA13Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Greenhouse1 - Cunningham Farm - Kinston856JG1COutlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
CALS Greenhouses - Castle Hayne880AA18Outlying3800 Castle Hayne Rd.Castle Hayne
CALS Ground Water Shelter (Leonard Bldg) -Lake Wheeler809VGWSLake Wheeler Site4050 Chi Rd.Raleigh809v.pdf
CALS Group Feed Barn UFL 1044- Bahama846FQ32Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846f.pdf
CALS Hatchery UFL 802- Aurora849AQ71Outlying2002 Hickory Point Rd.Aurora849a.pdf
CALS Hay Barn - Meu UFL 182-Reedy Creek822AY70Reedy Creek2001 Trenton Rd.Raleigh822a.pdf
CALS Hay Shed UFL 1037- Bahama846AQ27Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846a.pdf
CALS Hay Shed UFL 1038- Bahama846BQ28Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846b.pdf
CALS Hay Shed UFL 1047- Bahama846HQ34Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846h.pdf
CALS Hay Storage UFL 216-Lake Wheeler810TX19Lake Wheeler Site3951 Parametric Rd. Raleigh810t.pdf
CALS Hay/Feed Storage UFL 134-Reedy Creek821AY45Reedy Creek2100 Trenton Rd. Raleigh821a.pdf
CALS Headhouse - Mills River850BZ03Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Health Treatment UFL 1071- Bahama846PQ40Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846p.pdf
CALS Herdsman Office UFL 112-Reedy Creek822VY89Reedy Creek4616 Reedy Creek Rd. Raleigh822v.pdf
CALS Horticulture Bldg #30- Clayton805ZJ25Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Horticulture Ghse #68- Clayton806XJ49Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Implement Open Shed- Clayton807AA15Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Implement Shelter UFL 208-Lake Wheeler810KX11Lake Wheeler Site3951 Dr. Bill Gilbert Way Raleigh810k.pdf
CALS Indiv Feed Barn UFL 1046- Bahama846GQ33Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846g.pdf
CALS Insectary #35- Clayton806CJ30Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Insectary #37- Clayton806EJ32Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Ipm Poultry Bldg UFL 267-Lake Wheeler812FX57Lake Wheeler Site4458 Poultry Rd. Raleigh812f.pdf
CALS Irrig Programmer # 57- Clayton806QJ42Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Irrigation Shed #3 - Castle Hayne880SIS3Outlying3800 Castle Hayne Rd.Castle Hayne880s.pdf
CALS Irrigation Shltr UFL 15S-Reedy Creek821NY57Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd. Raleigh821n.pdf
CALS Lab/Farrowing House UFL 278-Lake Wheeler812SX68Lake Wheeler Site3955 Parametric Rd. Raleigh812s.pdf
CALS Lab/Office Bldg UFL 1040- Bahama846CQ29Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846c.pdf
CALS Lab/Office Bldg Ul 141G-Reedy Creek821EY49Reedy Creek4905 Reedy Creek Rd. Raleigh821e.pdf
CALS Laboratory & Office - Castle Hayne880LNOOutlying3800 Castle Hayne Rd.Castle Hayne
CALS Lawn Storage Bldg- Mills River850WZ23Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Laying House UFL Fb833-Lake Wheeler830DZZ4Lake Wheeler Site1015 Mid Pines Rd. Raleigh830d.pdf
CALS Laying House UFL Fb835-Lake Wheeler830EZZ5Lake Wheeler Site1012 Mid Pines Rd. Raleigh830e.pdf
CALS LBTTC Equipment Shed-UFL 2129- Lake Wheeler809HLBTLake Wheeler Site3904 Analysis Way Raleigh809h.pdf
CALS Lean-To Dirt Shelter - Lake Wheeler809NLT1Lake Wheeler Site3210 Ordinal Rd. Raleigh809n.pdf
CALS Lean-To Shelter - Storage Shed - Lake Wheeler809QLT2Lake Wheeler Site3210 Ordinal Rd. Raleigh809q.pdf
CALS Leonard Building -Lake Wheeler809ZLB1Lake Wheeler Site4013 Chi Rd. Raleigh809z.pdf
CALS Livestock Shelter UFL 110-Reedy Creek822ULSUReedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd. Raleigh822u.pdf
CALS Livestock Shltr UFL 1351S-Reedy Creek822TY87Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd. Raleigh822t.pdf
CALS Livestock Shltr UFL 151S-Reedy Creek822JY78Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd. Raleigh822j.pdf
CALS Livestock Shltr UFL 152S-Reedy Creek822KY79Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd. Raleigh822k.pdf
CALS Livestock Shltr UFL 153S-Reedy Creek822LY80Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd. Raleigh822l.pdf
CALS Livestock Shltr UFL 154S-Reedy Creek822MY81Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd. Raleigh822m.pdf
CALS Livestock Shltr UFL 155S-Reedy Creek822NY82Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd. Raleigh822n.pdf
CALS Livestock Shltr UFL 156S-Reedy Creek822PY83Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd. Raleigh822p.pdf
CALS Livestock Shltr UFL 157S-Reedy Creek822QY84Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd. Raleigh822q.pdf
CALS Livestock Shltr UFL 158S-Reedy Creek822RY85Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd. Raleigh822r.pdf
CALS Livestock Shltr UFL 159S-Reedy Creek822SY86Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd. Raleigh822s.pdf
CALS Livestock Work Shelter UFL 108-Reedy Creek820JY28Reedy Creek2150 Trenton Rd. Raleigh820j.pdf
CALS Low Energy Poult Bldg UFL 289-Lake Wheeler813AX77Lake Wheeler Site4450 Poultry Rd. Raleigh813a.pdf
CALS Lumber/Equip Stor UFL 140-Reedy Creek821DY48Reedy Creek4905 Reedy Creek Rd. Raleigh
CALS Machine Shop #56- Clayton806PJ41Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Machinery Storage Open #48- Clayton807JMSOOutlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Machinery Storage Shed #4- Clayton805CJ04Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Machinery Storage Shed #50- Clayton807KK50Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Machinery Storage Shed #54- Clayton807QMSSOutlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Manure Processing UFL 293-Lake Wheeler813EX81Lake Wheeler Site301 Dairy Lane Raleigh813e.pdf
CALS Metal Bldg T Storage - Mills River850EZ06Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Metal Storage Bldg- Mills River850CZ04Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Mini Tabacco Barn #66- Clayton806VJ47Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Mini-Tobacco Barn #64806TJ45Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Mini-Tobacco Barn #65- Clayton806UJ46Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Mini-Tobacco Barn #67- Clayton806WJ48Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Nutrition/Finish UFL 2112-Lake Wheeler813TX94Lake Wheeler Site3908 Coefficient Rd. Raleigh813t.pdf
CALS Off. Equip/Bull Test UFL 1000-Bahama845Q01Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845.pdf
CALS Office - Lwfrl UFL 228-Lake Wheeler811BX28Lake Wheeler Site3724 Lake Wheeler Rd. Raleigh811b.pdf
CALS Office Bldg #19- Clayton805PJ15Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Office/Hatchery UFL 245-Lake Wheeler811TX44Lake Wheeler Site4518 Poultry Rd. Raleigh811t.pdf
CALS Office/Research UFL 176-Reedy Creek465ARCAReedy Creek4116 Reedy Creek Rd. Raleigh465a.pdf
CALS Office/Shop/Storage UFL 1020- Bahama845SQ18Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845s.pdf
CALS Office/Surgery UFL 2106-Lake Wheeler813MX88Lake Wheeler Site3920 Coefficient Rd. Raleigh813m.pdf
CALS Offices/Storage UFL 1032- Bahama845YQ24Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845y.pdf
CALS Open Tobacco Barn Shelter #46- Clayton807GG46Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Open Tobacco Barn Shelter #47- Clayton807HH47Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Packhouse #21- Clayton805RJ17Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Packing Line - Clayton807YJ53Outlying13223 US Business 70 WestClayton807y.pdf
CALS Parts 1 Storage - Lake Wheeler819DW07Lake Wheeler Site3941 Dr. Bill Gilbert Way Raleigh819d.pdf
CALS Parts 2 Storage - Lake Wheeler819EW08Lake Wheeler Site3941 Dr. Bill Gilbert Way Raleigh819e.pdf
CALS Parts 3 Storage - Lake Wheeler819FW09Lake Wheeler Site3941 Dr. Bill Gilbert Way Raleigh819f.pdf
CALS Pathology Shed - Clayton807XJ52Outlying13223 US Business 70 WestClayton807x.pdf
CALS Pavillion/Storage UFL 123-Reedy Creek820TY37Reedy Creek2150 Trenton Rd. Raleigh820t.pdf
CALS Pest Office/Handling UFL 2139-Lake Wheeler814RY18Lake Wheeler Site4021 Chi Rd. Raleigh814r.pdf
CALS Pesticide Storage Bldg 106-Reedy Creek823GPTSReedy Creek4905 Reedy Creek Rd. Raleigh823g.pdf
CALS Pesticide Storage UFL 1021- Bahama845TQ19Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845t.pdf
CALS Pesticide Storage UFL 204-Lake Wheeler810FX07Lake Wheeler Site3935 Dr. Bill Gilbert Way Raleigh810f.pdf
CALS Pesticide Storage UFL 2131-Lake Wheeler814HY10Lake Wheeler Site4031 Chi Rd. Raleigh814h.pdf
CALS Pesticide Storage UFL 2132-Lake Wheeler814JY11Lake Wheeler Site4031 Chi Rd. Raleigh814j.pdf
CALS Pesticide Storage UFL 2133-Lake Wheeler814KY12Lake Wheeler Site4031 Chi Rd. Raleigh814k.pdf
CALS Pesticide Storage UFL 2134-Lake Wheeler814LY13Lake Wheeler Site4031 Chi Rd. Raleigh814l.pdf
CALS Pesticide Storage UFL 2135-Lake Wheeler814MY14Lake Wheeler Site4031 Chi Rd. Raleigh814m.pdf
CALS Pesticide Storage UFL 2136-Lake Wheeler814NY15Lake Wheeler Site4031 Chi Rd. Raleigh814n.pdf
CALS Pesticide Storage UFL 2137-Lake Wheeler814PY16Lake Wheeler Site4031 Chi Rd. Raleigh814p.pdf
CALS Pesticide Storage UFL 2138-Lake Wheeler814QY17Lake Wheeler Site4031 Chi Rd. Raleigh814q.pdf
CALS Pesticide Storage UFL 810-Aurora849JPSTOutlying2002 Hickory Point Rd.Aurora
CALS Phys Lab/Office UFL 276-Lake Wheeler812QX66Lake Wheeler Site4609 Broiler Rd. Raleigh812q.pdf
CALS- Plants For Human Health Institute - Kannapolis999EDNIOutlying600 Laureate WayKannapolis999e.pdf
CALS Poultry Bldg UFL 239-Lake Wheeler811MX38Lake Wheeler Site4526 Broiler Rd. Raleigh811m.pdf
CALS Poultry Bldg UFL 240-Lake Wheeler811NX39Lake Wheeler Site4525 Broiler Rd. Raleigh811n.pdf
CALS Poultry Bldg UFL 242-Lake Wheeler811QX41Lake Wheeler Site4621 Broiler Rd. Raleigh811q.pdf
CALS Poultry Bldg UFL 243-Lake Wheeler811RX42Lake Wheeler Site4517 Poultry Rd. Raleigh811r.pdf
CALS Poultry Bldg UFL 244-Lake Wheeler811SX43Lake Wheeler Site4625 Broiler Rd. Raleigh811s.pdf
CALS Poultry Bldg UFL 246-Lake Wheeler811UX45Lake Wheeler Site4506 Poultry Rd. Raleigh811u.pdf
CALS Poultry Bldg UFL 247-Lake Wheeler811VX46Lake Wheeler Site4514 Poultry Rd. Raleigh811v.pdf
CALS Poultry Bldg UFL 248-Lake Wheeler811WX47Lake Wheeler Site4504 Broiler Rd. Raleigh811w.pdf
CALS Poultry Bldg UFL 249-Lake Wheeler811XX48Lake Wheeler Site4505 Broiler Rd. Raleigh811x.pdf
CALS Poultry Compost Unit Bldg #281-Lake Wheeler814TPCULake Wheeler Site4108 Lake Wheeler Rd. Raleigh814t.pdf
CALS Poultry Holding Bldg - Lake Wheeler815QPLHLake Wheeler Site3901 Coefficient Rd. Raleigh815q.pdf
CALS Poultry Holding Building Storage815YX23Lake Wheeler Site3901 Coefficient Rd. Raleigh815y.pdf
CALS Poultry House UFL 238-Lake Wheeler811LX37Lake Wheeler Site4534 Broiler Rd. Raleigh811l.pdf
CALS Poultry Litter Shed - Lake Wheeler809LPLCLake Wheeler Site4452 Poultry Rd. Raleigh809l.pdf
CALS Poultry Range House815ZX24Lake Wheeler Site3901 Coefficient Rd. Raleigh815z.pdf
CALS Poultry Teaching Bldg - Lake Wheeler815PPTBLake Wheeler Site3841 Inwood Rd. Raleigh815p.pdf
CALS Poultry/Insect Lab UFL 268-Lake Wheeler812GX58Lake Wheeler Site4462 Poultry Rd. Raleigh812g.pdf
CALS Propagation House #15 - Castle Hayne880UOutlying3800 Castle Hayne Rd.Castle Hayne880u.pdf
CALS Pullet House -Lake Wheeler825APH6Lake Wheeler Site4533 Broiler Rd. Raleigh825a.pdf
CALS Pump House & Storage - Lake Wheeler815UPH8Lake Wheeler Site3901 Inwood Rd.Raleigh815u.pdf
CALS Pumphouse - Castle Hayne880GPCHOutlying6028 Holly Shelter Rd.Castle Hayne880g.pdf
CALS Quonset Hut - Castle Hayne880LQUHOutlying6028 Holly Shelter Rd.Castle Hayne
CALS Ram Shed UFL 129-Reedy Creek820WY40Reedy Creek2100 Trenton Rd. Raleigh820w.pdf
CALS Record Storage163ECRSWest3231 Ligon St.Raleigh
CALS Recreation UFL 284-Lake Wheeler812WX72Lake Wheeler Site4517 Broiler Rd.Raleigh812w.pdf
CALS Research Stor Shed UFL 113G-Reedy Creek820MY31Reedy Creek4905 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh
CALS Research Stor UI 114G-Reedy Creek820NY32Reedy Creek4905 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh
CALS Round Storage Building - Lake Wheeler819GW10Lake Wheeler3941 Dr. Bill Gilbert WayRaleigh819g.pdf
CALS Rumen Physiology UFL 183-Reedy Creek822BY71Reedy Creek2001 Trenton Rd.Raleigh822b.pdf
CALS Seed Processing & Storage #5- Clayton805DJ05Outlying13223 US 70 WestRaleigh
CALS SEU Gen Shed (UFL 2127) -Lake Wheeler809ETCELake Wheeler Site3906 Coefficient Rd.Raleigh809e.pdf
CALS SEU Tank Shed (UFL 2128) -Lake Wheeler809FTCFLake Wheeler Site3904 Coefficient Rd.Raleigh809f.pdf
CALS Shed/Experimental Curing Unit- Clayton807BB15Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Sheep Barn UFL 190-Reedy Creek822GY76Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd. Raleigh822g.pdf
CALS Sheep Nutrition UFL 122-Reedy Creek820SY36Reedy Creek2150 Trenton Rd.Raleigh820s.pdf
CALS Sheep Pens/Hay Stor UFL 128-Reedy Creek820VY39Reedy Creek2150 Trenton Rd.Raleigh820v.pdf
CALS Sheep Shed UFL 168-Reedy Creek821XY66Reedy Creek2001 Trenton Rd.Raleigh821x.pdf
CALS Sheep Shed UFL 169-Reedy Creek821YY67Reedy Creek2001 Trenton Rd.Raleigh821y.pdf
CALS Shepherds Stor UFL 110-Reedy Creek820KY29Reedy Creek2200 Trenton Rd.Raleigh820k.pdf
CALS Shop #20- Clayton805QJ16Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Shop (Metal) - Mills River850QZ17Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
CALS Shop Operations Bldg UFL 100-Lake Wheeler810XW04Lake Wheeler Site3941 Dr. Bill Gilbert WayRaleigh810x.pdf
CALS Shop Shed UFL 177-Reedy Creek465IRCIReedy Creek4116 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh465i.pdf
CALS Shop/Equip/Stor UFL 260-Lake Wheeler811ZX50Lake Wheeler Site4513 Broiler Rd.Raleigh811z.pdf
CALS Shop/Office UFL 144-Reedy Creek821HY52Reedy Creek4616 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh821h.pdf
CALS Small Ruminant Bldg UFL 180-Reedy Creek821ZY68Reedy Creek2001 Trenton Rd.Raleigh821z.pdf
CALS Soil Science Storage - Lake Wheeler809PSLWLake Wheeler Site3210 Ordinal Rd. Raleigh809p.pdf
CALS Solar Curing/Ghse #42- Clayton806KJ37Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Sow Confinement/Breed UFL 160-Reedy Creek821SY61Reedy Creek5900 Trinity Rd.Raleigh821s.pdf
CALS Station Office - Mills River850Z01Outlying455 Research DriveMills River
CALS Storage Barn - Lake Wheeler809MSB1Lake Wheeler Site3900 Analysis WayRaleigh809m.pdf
CALS Storage Barn & Shelter #23- Clayton807EE22Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Storage Barn/Shed #24- Clayton805TJ19Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Storage Bldg # 38- Clayton806FJ33Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Storage Bldg #10-Clayton805JJ10Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Storage Bldg #11- Clayton805KJ11Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Storage Bldg #12- Clayton805LJ12Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Storage Bldg #6- Clayton805EJ06Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Storage Bldg #8- Clayton805GJ08Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Storage Bldg (Near D-40) #62- Clayton807RR62Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Storage Bldg UFL 1018- Bahama845QQ16Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845q.pdf
CALS Storage Bldg UFL 173-Reedy Creek465ERCEReedy Creek4116 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh465e.pdf
CALS Storage Bldg UFL 209-Lake Wheeler810LX12Lake Wheeler Site3971 Dr. Bill Gilbert WayRaleigh810l.pdf
CALS Storage House UFL Fb826-Lake Wheeler830BZZ2Lake Wheeler Site1015 Mid Pines Rd. Raleigh830b.pdf
CALS Storage House UFL Fb837-Lake Wheeler830FZZ6Lake Wheeler Site1015 Mid Pines Rd. Raleigh830f.pdf
CALS Storage Oil/Grs UFL 201-Lake Wheeler810EX06Lake Wheeler Site3933 Dr. Bill Gilbert WayRaleigh810e.pdf
CALS Storage Shed # 59- Clayton806SJ44Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Storage Shed #58- Clayton806RJ43Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Storage Shed UFL 120G-Reedy Creek820EY24Reedy Creek4905 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh820e.pdf
CALS Storage Shed UFL 218-Lake Wheeler810VX20Lake Wheeler Site3232 Lake Wheeler Rd.Raleigh810v.pdf
CALS Storage UFL 120-Reedy Creek820QY34Reedy Creek4905 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh820q.pdf
CALS Storage UFL 269-Lake Wheeler812HX59Lake Wheeler Site3901 Inwood Rd.Raleigh812h.pdf
CALS Storage/Shavings Bin UFL 279-Lake Wheeler812TX69Lake Wheeler Site4306 Poultry Rd.Raleigh812t.pdf
CALS Storage-Peu UFL 266-Lake Wheeler812EX56Lake Wheeler Site4454 Poultry Rd.Raleigh812e.pdf
CALS Structural Pest Training Facility -Lake Wheeler809TSPTLake Wheeler Site3996 Chi Rd.Raleigh809t.pdf
CALS Swine Barn/Stor UFL 219-Lake Wheeler810WX22Lake Wheeler Site3900 Parametric Rd. Raleigh810w.pdf
CALS Swine Bldg-Lake Wheeler815RSNBLake Wheeler Site3905 Coefficient Rd. Raleigh815r.pdf
CALS Swine Evaluation #31 & #32- Clayton806J26Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Swine Farrow Nursery UFL 158-Reedy Creek821RY60Reedy Creek5900 Trinity Rd. Raleigh821r.pdf
CALS Swine Nursery UFL 2109-Lake Wheeler813QX91Lake Wheeler Site3703 Interval Rd. Raleigh813q.pdf
CALS Swine Storage Bldg- Clayton806YSSBOutlying13223 US 70 WestClayton806y.pdf
CALS TC Shed 2 (UFL 2121)-Lake Wheeler809ATCALake Wheeler Site4044 Chi Rd. Raleigh809a.pdf
CALS TC Shed 3 UFL 2122 - Lake Wheeler809BTCBLake Wheeler Site4036 Chi Rd. Raleigh809b.pdf
CALS TC Shed 4 (UFL 2123) -Lake Wheeler809CTCCLake Wheeler Site4020 Chi Rd. Raleigh809c.pdf
CALS TC Shed 5 (UFL 2124) - Lake Wheeler809DTCDLake Wheeler Site4012 Chi Rd. Raleigh809d.pdf
CALS Teach Arena-Seu UFL 2114-Lake Wheeler813VX96Lake Wheeler Site3924 Coefficient Rd. Raleigh813v.pdf
CALS Tobacco Barn #1-Reedy Creek465PRT1Reedy Creek4116 Reedy Creed Rd.Raleigh
CALS Tobacco Barn #2-Reedy Creek465QRT2Reedy Creek4116 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh
CALS Tobacco Barn #23- Clayton805SJ18Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Tobacco Barn #25- Clayton805UJ20Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Tobacco Barn Shed #51- Clayton807MM51Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Tobacco Barn Shed #52- Clayton807NN52Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Tobacco Bulk Barn #16- Clayton805NJ14Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Tobacco Bulk Barn #26- Clayton805VJ21Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Tobacco Bulk Barn #27- Clayton805WJ22Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Tobacco Bulk Barn UFL 186-Reedy Creek822EY74Reedy Creek4616 Reedy Creek Rd. Raleigh822e.pdf
CALS Tobacco Curing Unit #6- Reidsville861CC05Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
CALS Tom Facility UFL 272-Lake Wheeler812LX62Lake Wheeler Site4301 Poultry Rd. Raleigh812l.pdf
CALS Tool Room UFL 212-Lake Wheeler810PX15Lake Wheeler Site3927 Dr. Bill Gilbert Way Raleigh810p.pdf
CALS Turfgrass Picnic Shelter - Lake Wheeler810APCNLake Wheeler SiteDr. Bill Gilbert Way Raleigh810a.pdf
CALS Turkey Bldg UFL 273-Lake Wheeler812MX63Lake Wheeler Site4302 Poultry Rd. Raleigh812m.pdf
CALS Turkey Bldg UFL 274-Lake Wheeler812NX64Lake Wheeler Site4304 Poultry Rd. Raleigh812n.pdf
CALS Turkey Breeder UFL 287-Lake Wheeler812ZX75Lake Wheeler Site4315 Poultry Rd. Raleigh812z.pdf
CALS Turkey EU Manufactured House-Lake Wheeler814ZCTLLake Wheeler Site4311 Poultry Rd. Raleigh814z.pdf
CALS Turkey Gen Shed UFL 280-Lake Wheeler813JX85Lake Wheeler Site4303 Poultry Rd. Raleigh813j.pdf
CALS Turkey House UFL 270-Lake Wheeler812JX60Lake Wheeler Site4300 Poultry Rd. Raleigh812j.pdf
CALS Turkey Lab UFL 271-Lake Wheeler812KX61Lake Wheeler Site4305 Poultry Rd. Raleigh812k.pdf
CALS Turkey Male Breeder UFL 286-Lake Wheeler812YX74Lake Wheeler Site4309 Poultry Rd. Raleigh812y.pdf
CALS Turkey Physiology UFL 285-Lake Wheeler812XX73Lake Wheeler Site4307 Poultry Rd. Raleigh812x.pdf
CALS UFL House - Lake Wheeler825BUF1Lake Wheeler Site4201 Inwood Rd. Raleigh825b.pdf
CALS Utility Bldg UFL 141Gub- Reedy Creek821FY50Reedy Creek4905 Reedy Creek Rd. Raleigh821f.pdf
CALS Utility Bldg UFL 213-Lake Wheeler810QX16Lake Wheeler Site3031 Lake Wheeler Rd. Raleigh810q.pdf
CALS Utility Bldg UFL 250-Lake Wheeler811YX49Lake Wheeler Site4108 Lake Wheeler Rd. Raleigh811y.pdf
CALS Utility Bldg UFL F935-Lake Wheeler830HZZ8Lake Wheeler Site1015 Mid Pines Rd. Raleigh830h.pdf
CALS Vermiculture Teaching Facility -Lake Wheeler809XVTFLake Wheeler Site4005 Chi Rd. Raleigh809x.pdf
CALS Warehouse Morehead City CMAST874BWMCOutlying111 N. Lockhart St.Morehead874b.pdf
CALS Waste Management Facility - Lake Wheeler815WTCLake Wheeler Site4051 Chi Rd. Raleigh815.pdf
CALS Weigh Shed UFL 1043- Bahama846EQ31Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846e.pdf
CALS Well House #13- Clayton805MJ13Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Well House #32A- Clayton806AJ27Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Well House #34- Clayton806BJ29Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Well House #36- Clayton806DJ31Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Well House #41- Clayton806JJ36Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Well House #7- Clayton805FJ07Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Well Pump House - Lake Wheeler809KWP1Lake Wheeler Site3900 Analysis Way Raleigh809k.pdf
CALS Well Pumphouse UFL 237-Lake Wheeler811KX36Lake Wheeler Site4108 Lake Wheeler Rd. Raleigh811k.pdf
CALS Wellhouse #1A- Clayton805AJ02Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Wingo Goat Lounge UFL 167-Reedy Creek821WY65Reedy Creek2001 Trenton Rd.Raleigh821w.pdf
CALS Wood Working Shop #9- Clayton805HJ09Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton
CALS Work Area-Seu UFL 2113-Lake Wheeler813UX95Lake Wheeler Site3910 Coefficient Rd. Raleigh813u.pdf
CALS Work/Storage UFL 2116-Lake Wheeler813XX98Lake Wheeler Site3914 Coefficient Rd. Raleigh813x.pdf
CALS Workshop UFL 806-Aurora849EQ75Outlying2002 Hickory Point Rd.Aurora849e.pdf
CALS Yates Herpetology (UFL 252)-Lake Wheeler809YHPLake Wheeler Site3720 Lake Wheeler Rd. Raleigh809.pdf
CALS Yates Mill Cabin #203-Lake Wheeler814SYMCLake Wheeler Site4700 Lake Wheeler Rd. Raleigh814s.pdf
CALS Yates Mill UFL 236-Lake Wheeler811JX35Lake Wheeler Site4700 Lake Wheeler Rd. Raleigh811j.pdf
CALS Zoology/Fish Research UFL 101G-Reedy Creek820DY23Reedy Creek4905 Reedy Creek Rd. Raleigh
CALS/CNR Extension Center- Mills River850SZ19Outlying74 Research DriveMills River850s.pdf
Calving Shed - CVM318CSVWestTerry Curtin Dr.Raleigh318.pdf
Camp Cabin #10 Millstone 4-H Camp865KM10Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Camp Cabin #11 Millstone 4-H Camp865MM34Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Camp Cabin #12 Millstone 4-H Camp865NM12Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe865n.pdf
Camp Cabin #13 Millstone 4-H Camp865PM36Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Camp Cabin #14 Millstone 4-H Camp865QM37Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Camp Cabin #1-Millstone 4-H Camp865AMC1Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Camp Cabin #2 Millstone 4-H Camp865BMC2Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Camp Cabin #3 Millstone 4-H Camp865CMC3Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Camp Cabin #4 Millstone 4-H Camp865DMC4Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe865d.pdf
Camp Cabin #5 Millstone 4-H Camp865EMC5Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Camp Cabin #6 Millstone 4-H Camp865FMC6Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Camp Cabin #7 Millstone 4-H Camp865GMC7Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Camp Cabin #8 Millstone 4-H Camp865HMC8Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Camp Cabin #9 Millstone 4-H Camp865JMC9Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Camp Caretakers Home Millstone 4-H Camp864DMCDOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Camp Infirmary Millstone 4-H Camp864AMCAOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Camp Staff House - Mountain View Lodge-Swannanoa 4-H Camp801ZCSHOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa801z.pdf
Campus Health Center063CHCCentral2815 Cates Ave.Raleigh063.pdf
Camphouse (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827AAAAOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Canine Facility I CVM345AVTLWest1260 Horse Lane Raleigh345a.pdf
Canine Facility II CVM345BVTMWest1250 Horse Lane Raleigh345b.pdf
Canine Facility III - CVM340VTWWest1221 Horse Lane Raleigh340.pdf
Canoe Equipment Bldg.Millstone 4-H Camp864XMCXOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Caretakers Garage Millstone 4-H Camp864BMCBOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Caretaker's Home-Director's House-Swannanoa 4-H Camp801CSWCOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Carmichael Gymnasium101CGCentral2611 Cates Ave.Raleigh101.pdf
Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse787BGC2Centennial1509 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh787b.pdf
Carroll Residence Hall093CARCentral2801 Thurman Dr.Raleigh093.pdf
Carter-Finley Stadium - North End Zone135CF1West4600 Trinity Rd.Raleigh135.pdf
Carter Finley Stad - Gates135BPBWest4600 Trinity Rd. Raleigh135b.pdf
Case Academic Center103CACCentral240 Jeter Dr.Raleigh103.pdf
Caspian Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg C222CWVCCentral2750 Wolf Village WayRaleigh222c.pdf
Cates Avenue Steam Plant086CAPCentral2811 Cates Ave.Raleigh086.pdf
Cates Switchgear086ACASCentral2811 Cates Ave.Raleigh086a.pdf
Cattle And Swine Pens Rprl - CVM134BRPBWest1400 Blue Ridge Rd. Raleigh134b.pdf
CBC Facilities Service Center317AFSCWest3916 Westchase Blvd. Raleigh317a.pdf
CBC Facilities Support Building317CVHZWest3916 Westchase Blvd. Raleigh317c.pdf
CBC Grounds Vehicle Storage317BGVSWest3916 Westchase Blvd. Raleigh317b.pdf
CBC Substation Switchgear360AVS2West4880 Terry Curtin Dr. Raleigh360a.pdf
Centennial Campus Central Utility Plant (CCUP)705ACTPCentennial830 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh705a.pdf
Centennial Campus Info Booth717CCICentennial1702 Varsity Dr. Raleigh717.pdf
Centennial Campus Landscape Services Facility770CLSCentennial691 Initiative Way Raleigh770.pdf
Centennial Campus Reuse Water Distribution Pumphouse787GGC6Centennial1401 Main Campus Dr. Raleigh787g.pdf
Centennial Landscape Services Pole Barn770ALSPCentennial691 Initiative Way Raleigh770a.pdf
Centennial Substation A/B Switchgear Building757BSSACentennial1765 Varsity Dr Raleigh757b.pdf
Centennial Substation C/D Switchgear Building757CSSCCentennial1765 Varsity Dr Raleigh757c.pdf
Center for Marine Sciences and Technology (CMAST)874ACMAOutlying303 College CircleMorehead City874a.pdf
Center for Technology and Innovation702CTICentennial1010 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh702.pdf
Center for Technology and Innovation Parking Deck702ACT1Centennial2411 Research Dr.Raleigh702a.pdf
Center Office At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816YBJYOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville
Challenge Course Shelter and Storage Building823HCCSReedy Creek4890 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh823h.pdf
Chemical Storage Unit @ Dabney054A54ANorth2620 Yarbrough Dr. Raleigh054a.pdf
Chemical Storage Unit @ Dabney054B54BNorth2620 Yarbrough Dr. Raleigh054b.pdf
Cherry Building755DCHBCentennial715 Barbour Dr.Raleigh755d.pdf
Clark Hall106CHCentral221 Jensen Dr.Raleigh106.pdf
Class Bldg/Store/Nature Center Millstone 4-H Camp864CMCCOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Classroom #1 At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816PBJOOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816p.pdf
Classroom #2 At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816QBJQOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816q.pdf
Close-King Indoor Practice Facility135JIPFWest4550 Trinity Rd. Raleigh135j.pdf
CMAST Coastal Quarters999LCCQOutlying3809 Guardian Ave.Morehead City999l.pdf
CNR Camp House 2004-1 -Rougemont842WCH3Outlying915 SR1614Rougemont842w.pdf
CNR Camp House 2004-2 -Rougemont842XCH4Outlying915 SR1614Rougemont842x.pdf
Cnr Equip Storage UFL 103G-Reedy Creek820FY25Reedy Creek4905 Reedy Creek Rd. Raleigh
CNR Flammable Storage Bldg- Rougemont842TT46OutlyingSR 1614Rougemont
CNR Hampton Tract Tob Barn #1-Rougemont842NN36OutlyingSR 1603Rougemont
CNR Hampton Tract Tobacco Barn # 1-Rougemont842MM35OutlyingSR 1603Rougemont
CNR Log Tenant House -Rougemont842DD27OutlyingSR 1614Rougemont
CNR Log Tob Barn # 1 Block D-Rougemont842FF29OutlyingSR 1614Rougemont
CNR Log Tob Barn/Watkins House -Rougemont842HH31OutlyingSR 1614Rougemont
CNR Log Tob Barn-Log Tenant House- Rougemont842PP40OutlyingSR 1614Rougemont
CNR Log Tob Barn-Log Tenant House- Rougemont842QLOGOutlyingSR 1614Rougemont
CNR Toilet/Shower Bldg-South -Rougemont842UU47OutlyingSR 1614Rougemont842u.pdf
CNR Watkins Tenant House -Rougemont842JWTHOutlyingSR 1614Rougemont
CNR-Log Tob Barn #2 Block D-Rougemont842GG30OutlyingSR 1614Rougemont
Coliseum Parking Deck099PDCentral201 Jeter Dr.Raleigh099.pdf
Comfort Station, Hole 15 787FGC5Centennial2001 Main Campus Dr. Raleigh787f.pdf
Comfort Station, Hole 4 787EGC4Centennial1301 Main Campus Dr. Raleigh787e.pdf
Compost Facility Office - Lake Wheeler815HCFOLake Wheeler Site4231 Inwood Rd. Raleigh815h.pdf
Compost Facility System - Lake Wheeler815CCFSLake Wheeler Site4231 Inwood Rd Raleigh815c.pdf
Constructed Facilities Lab720CERCCentennial2414 Campus Shore DrRaleigh720c.pdf
Corn Jug Cabin At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816WBJWOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville
Cottage #1 At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816CBJCOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816c.pdf
Cottage #2 At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816DBJDOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816d.pdf
Cottage #3 At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816EBJEOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816e.pdf
Cottage #4 At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816FBJFOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816f.pdf
Cottage #5 At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816GBJGOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816g.pdf
Cottage #6 At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816HBJHOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816h.pdf
Cottage #7 At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816JBJJOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816j.pdf
Cottage #8 At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816KBJKOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816k.pdf
Council Building755CCOBCentennial701 Barbour Dr.Raleigh755c.pdf
Cox Hall055COXNorth2700 Katharine Stinson Dr.Raleigh055.pdf
Craft Shelter At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816SBJSOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816s.pdf
Crafts Shelter - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801QSWQOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Crop Garden Storage830KCG2Lake Wheeler Site3014 Mid Pines Dr.Raleigh830k.pdf
Crop Science Equipment Storage Shelter465NRCNReedy Creek4116 Reedy Creek Rd. Raleigh465n.pdf
Crops Garden Pole Barn830LCG3Lake Wheeler Site3014 Mid Pines Dr.Raleigh830l.pdf
Crop Teaching Garden Storage Facility825JCTSLake Wheeler Site4400 Mid Pines Dr.Raleigh825j.pdf
CVM Annex134CVAWest1400 Blue Ridge Rd. Raleigh134.pdf
CVM Equine Farrier Shop At Southern Pines872BEFSOutlying6045 US Highway #1 NorthSouthern Pines872b.pdf
CVM Equine Health Center At Southern Pines872AEHCOutlying6045 US Highway #1 NorthSouthern Pines872a.pdf
CVM Main Building301VETWest1060 William Moore Dr.Raleigh301.pdf
CVM Research Building300ACRAWest1051 William Moore Dr.Raleigh300a.pdf
CVM Research Support Facility332HWFWest4831 Terry Curtin Dr.Raleigh332.pdf
CVM Research Support Storage324CCLWest4840 Terry Curtin Dr. Raleigh324.pdf
D S Weaver Labs117DSWCentral3110 Faucette Dr.Raleigh117.pdf
D10 Turfhouse Block building (Sandhills)870ABBSOutlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs870a.pdf
D5 Irrigation Storage House (Sandhills)870BISHOutlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs870b.pdf
Dabney Hall054DABNorth2620 Yarbrough Dr.Raleigh054.pdf
Dail Outdoor Tennis Stadium158HDTSCentral1084 Varsity Dr. Raleigh158h.pdf
Dail Softball Stadium Batting Cage115FDSSCentral2505 Cates Ave. Raleigh115f.pdf
Dail Softball Stadium Pressbox And Seating115CWSPCentral2505 Cates Ave.Raleigh115c.pdf
Dail Softball Stadium Toilet-Concessions-Elect-Mech Building115DWSFCentral2505 Cates Ave. Raleigh115d.pdf
Dairy Facility - CVM319DFCWest4701 Terry Curtin Dr.Raleigh319.pdf
Dairy Milking Parlor825DMOOLake Wheeler Site301 Dairy Lane Raleigh825d.pdf
Dairy Student House-UFL D26819ADSHLake Wheeler Site4329 Inwood Rd. Raleigh819a.pdf
Dan Allen Drive Parking Deck060PDDNorth110 Dan Allen Dr.Raleigh060.pdf
David Clark Labs075DCLNorth100 Eugene Brooks Ave.Raleigh075.pdf
David H. Murdock Laboratory Building - Kannapolis999QDHMOutlying150 N Research Campus Dr.Kannapolis999q.pdf
Daylight Research Facility162DRFWest3233 Ligon St. Raleigh162.pdf
Daylight Rotating Test Lab162ARDFWest3223 Ligon St. Raleigh162a.pdf
Dearstyne Avian Health Center164ADEAWest3221 Ligon St.Raleigh164a.pdf
Dearstyne Entomology Bldg164CDECWest3230 Ligon St. Raleigh164c.pdf
Dearstyne Isol Units164BDEBWest3221 Ligon St. Raleigh164b.pdf
Dearstyne Storage Bldg164DDSBWest3221 Ligon St. Raleigh164d.pdf
D.H. Hill Jr. Library (East Wing)047DHLNorth2 Broughton Dr.Raleigh047.pdf
D.H. Hill Jr. Library (Erdahl-Cloyd West Wing)047AECNorth2 Broughton Dr.Raleigh047a.pdf
D.H. Hill Jr. Library (North Bookstacks)047BDLHNorth2 Broughton Dr.Raleigh047b.pdf
D.H. Hill Jr. Library (South Bookstacks)047CDHNNorth2 Broughton Dr.Raleigh047c.pdf
Dining Hall - Main Lodge-Swannanoa 4-H Camp801BSWBOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa801b.pdf
Dining Hall & Kitchen At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816RBJROutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816r.pdf
Director's Residence At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816ABJAOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville
Doak Field-Concessns/Mens-Rm158ETMCCentral1081 Varsity Dr.Raleigh158e.pdf
Doak Field-Concessns/Womens-Rm158FTWCCentral1081 Varsity Dr.Raleigh158f.pdf
Doak Field-Field-Hse And Seats158BFHDCentral1081 Varsity Dr.Raleigh158b.pdf
Doak Field-Indoor Batting Cage158CIBCCentral1081 Varsity Dr.Raleigh158c.pdf
Doak Field-Press Box158DPBDCentral1081 Varsity Dr.Raleigh158d.pdf
Doak Field-Ticket Booth158GTBDCentral1081 Varsity Dr.Raleigh158g.pdf
Don E Ellis Building133DEESouth1320 Varsity Dr.Raleigh133.pdf
Dorothy and Roy Park Alumni Ctr786AALCCentennial2450 2450 Alumni Dr.Raleigh786a.pdf
Dwelling Supervsr (Lowcoastal)855AQ99Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
E/Well Pumphouse UFL 463463W2West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh463.pdf
East Barn - CVM304VTDWest4505 Terry Curtin Dr.Raleigh304.pdf
Eastern 4-H Boat House Storage837UT22Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837u.pdf
Eastern 4-H Conference Ctr837BTC2Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837b.pdf
Eastern 4-H Dining Hall837ATD1Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837a.pdf
Eastern 4-H - Exec Lodge 03El837CTE3Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837c.pdf
Eastern 4-H Exec Lodge 04El837DTE4Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837d.pdf
Eastern 4-H - Exec Lodge 05El837ETE5Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837e.pdf
Eastern 4-H - Exec Lodge 06El837FTE6Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837f.pdf
Eastern 4-H - Group Lodge 17837PT27Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837p.pdf
Eastern 4-H - Group Lodge 18837QT28Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837q.pdf
Eastern 4-H Group Lodge 19 Gl837RT19Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837r.pdf
Eastern 4-H - Group Lodge 20Gl837ST20Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837s.pdf
Eastern 4-H - Maint Bldg 09Mt837HTM9Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837h.pdf
Eastern 4-H Multi Bldg 12Mb837KT12Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837k.pdf
Eastern 4-H Pool House 09Ph837GTP8Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837g.pdf
Eastern 4-H Recreation Building838RT44Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia838r.pdf
Eastern 4-H Rifle Range Shelter838BT24Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia
Eastern 4-H Rifle Range Storage Bldg838AT23Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia
Eastern 4-H Ropes Course Shed838TT46Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia838t.pdf
Eastern 4-H - Staff House 10Sh837JT10Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837j.pdf
Eastern 4-H - Wet Lab 21Wl837TT21Outlying100 North Clover WayColumbia837t.pdf
Ellis House Museum Millstone 4-H Camp864ZEHMOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe864z.pdf
Engineering Building I (EB1)782AEB1Centennial911 Partners WayRaleigh782a.pdf
Engineering Building II (EB2)782BEB2Centennial890 Oval Dr.Raleigh782b.pdf
Engineering Building III (EB3)782CEB3Centennial1840 Entrepreneur Dr.Raleigh782c.pdf
Engr. Auto Salon # 750A - Asheville803BMRBOutlying180 Coxe Ave.Asheville803b.pdf
Engr. Mrl Smith Bldg # 750B - Asheville803CMR1Outlying180 Coxe Ave.Asheville803c.pdf
Engr. Mrl/Brown Bldgs #750 - Asheville803AMRAOutlying180 Coxe Ave.Asheville803a.pdf
Environmental Health and Safety Center210EHSCentral2620 Wolf Village WayRaleigh210.pdf
Equine Isolation Stalls - CVM338AEISWest4835 Terry Curtin Dr.Raleigh338a.pdf
Equine Reproduction Facility - Reedy Creek Equine Farm477RCTReedy Creek1520 Equine Farm Rd.Raleigh477.pdf
Equip Shed UFL 48408ESSWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh408.pdf
Equipment Shelter #2 open wooded structure (Sandhills)871BSQ2Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs871b.pdf
Equipment Shelter #3 open wooded structure (Sandhills)871ASQ3Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs871a.pdf
Equipment Storage - Buster Sykes804ABSEOutlying2430 Turner Rd.Mebane804a.pdf
Equipment Storage (Lowcoastal)855NQ86Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
Equipment Storage Facility-Lake Wheeler810USFLLake Wheeler3591 Dr. Bill Gilbert WayRaleigh810u.pdf
Ericsson Palace-Prague Institute999PEPPOutlyingMale namesti 144/1Prague999p.pdf
ES King Village Commons127RKVRCentral3824 Jackson St.Raleigh127r.pdf
Facilities Operations Storage029AFOSNorth2411 Yarbrough Dr. Raleigh029a.pdf
Facilities Operations Support Storage Building124PFO1Central610 Motor Pool St. Raleigh124p.pdf
Farm Credit Dining Hall Millstone 4-H Camp865RM38Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe865r.pdf
Farm Shop Millstone 4-H Camp864TMCTOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe864t.pdf
Farrowing House CVM322VTSWest1130 Poultry House Lane Raleigh322.pdf
FER (Forestry and Environmental Resources) Graduate Facility246AAR1South1509 Varsity Dr. Raleigh246a.pdf
Fertilizer - Storage Shed(Lowcoastal)855PQ84Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
Fertilizer Bldg(Sandhills)870EE04Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs
Fertilizer Storage (Lowcoastal)855GQ93Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
Fertilzr/Equip Shed(Upiedmont)860LZ41Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Fitts-Woolard Hall782EFWHCentennial915 Partners Way Raleigh782e.pdf
Fire Pump House - Bowen095AFPHCentral2821 Thurman Dr. Raleigh095a.pdf
Fire Pump House - Wood112DFPWCentral2521 Warren Carroll Dr. Raleigh112d.pdf
Fish House CVM344FH1West1240 Horse Lane Raleigh344.pdf
Fleet Services Facility126FSFCentral621 Motor Pool St.Raleigh126.pdf
Football Practice Facility135GFPFWest4156 Westchase Blvd. Raleigh135g.pdf
Forestry Sciences Laboratory - Main Building954FSMOutlying3041 E Cornwallis Rd.Durham954.pdf
Forestry Sciences Laboratory - Office Annex954AFSOOutlying3041 E Cornwallis Rd.Durham954a.pdf
Fort Fisher Hall - Avent Ferry Residence Hall F271FAFFSouth2112 Avent Ferry Rd.Raleigh271f.pdf
Fountain Dining Hall082DINCentral2520 Sullivan Dr.Raleigh082.pdf
Fox Science Teaching Laboratory076FOXNorth2791 Pillsbury CircleRaleigh076.pdf
Frank Thompson Hall105TPSCentral2241 Dunn Ave., 210 Jensen Dr.Raleigh105.pdf
Friday Institute792BFIWCentennial1890 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh792b.pdf
Garden Shed Millstone 4-H Camp866BMGBOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Gardner Hall067GANorth100 Derieux Pl.Raleigh067.pdf
Gateway Technology Center960EGTCOutlying3400 N. Wesleyan Blvd.Rocky Mount960e.pdf
GE Tobacco - Greenhouse Building #67 - Clayton807UG67Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton807u.pdf
Gestation Breeding House - CVM320VTTWest1131 Ruminant LaneRaleigh320.pdf
Gilt/Boar Building Rprl CVM134ERPEWest1400 Blue Ridge Rd. Raleigh134e.pdf
Girls Bath House Millstone 4-H Camp864NMCNOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Girls Bathhouse Site 1 (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827HAAHOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Girls Toilet Bldg Site 2 (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827TAATOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Gold Residence Hall012GOLNorth70 Pullen Dr.Raleigh012.pdf
Gray Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg G222GWVGCentral2730 Wolf Village WayRaleigh222g.pdf
Greek 15 Alpha Gamma Rho154F14South1402 Varsity Dr.Raleigh154.pdf
Greek 2 Kappa Kappa Gamma142FRBSouth2601 Fraternity Ct.Raleigh142.pdf
Greek 252A-Sigma Nu252AG2ASouth2312 Greek Village Dr.Raleigh252a.pdf
Greek 252B-Sigma Phi Epsilon252BG2BSouth2308 Greek Village Dr.Raleigh252b.pdf
Greek 252C-Kappa Delta252CG2CSouth2304 Greek Village Dr.Raleigh252c.pdf
Greek 252H-Alpha Delta Pi252HG2HSouth2612 Stewardship ParkRaleigh252h.pdf
Greek 252J-Sigma Kappa252JG2JSouth2608 Stewardship ParkRaleigh252j.pdf
Greek 252K-Zeta Tau Alpha252KG2KSouth2604 Stewardship ParkRaleigh252k.pdf
Greek 252M-Kappa Alpha Theta252MG2MSouth2600 Stewardship ParkRaleigh252m.pdf
Greek 252U-Delta Zeta252UG2USouth2601 Stewardship ParkRaleigh252u.pdf
Greek 252V-Lambda Chi Alpha252VG2VSouth2605 Stewardship ParkRaleigh252v.pdf
Greek 252X-Greek Village Apartments252XG2XSouth2330 Greek Village Dr.Raleigh252x.pdf
Greek 252Y-Greek Townhome A252YG2YSouth516 Dan Allen Dr.Raleigh252y.pdf
Greek 252Z-Greek Townhome B252ZG2ZSouth512 Dan Allen Dr.Raleigh252z.pdf
Greek 3 Delta Sigma Phi143FRCSouth2511 Fraternity Ct.Raleigh143.pdf
Greek 4 Pi Beta Phi144FRDSouth2501 Fraternity Ct.Raleigh144.pdf
Greek Village Telecom Hub253TGVPSouth2403 Greek Village Dr.Raleigh253t.pdf
Greenhouse - Piedmont Research Station890G1SOutlying8350 Sherrills Ford Rd.Salisbury890.pdf
Greenhouse # 435435GH0West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh435.pdf
Greenhouse #435A435AHGHWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh435a.pdf
Greenhouse A Unity 4 At Method174AGEECentral3141 Ligon St.Raleigh174a.pdf
Greenhouse B Unit 4 At Method174BG4BCentralLigon St.Raleigh174b.pdf
Greenhouse Control Room461GRCWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh461.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 411411GRHWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh411.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 412412GR1West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh412.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 413413GR2West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh413.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 414414GR3West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh414.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 415415GR4West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh415.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 416416GR5West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh416.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 417417GR6West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh417.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 418418GR7West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh418.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 420420GR8West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh420.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 421421GR9West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh421.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 422422G10West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh422.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 423423G11West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh423.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 424424G12West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh424.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 430430G16West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh430.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 432432G14West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh432.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 433433G15West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh433.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 434434G16West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh434.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 450450G17West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh450.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 451451G18West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh451.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 452452G19West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh452.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 453453G20West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh453.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 454454G21West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh454.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 457457G24West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh457.pdf
Greenhouse UFL 641641G50South1260 Varsity Dr.Raleigh641.pdf
Greenhouse Unit 1 At Method171AGN1Central830 Method Rd.Raleigh171a.pdf
Greenhouse Unit 1 At Method171BGN2Central830 Method Rd.Raleigh171b.pdf
Greenhouse Unit 1 At Method171CGN3Central830 Method Rd.Raleigh171c.pdf
Greenhouse Unit 1 At Method171DGN4Central830 Method Rd.Raleigh171d.pdf
Greenhouse Unit 3 At Method173AGS1Central3131 Ligon St.Raleigh173a.pdf
Greenhouse Unit 3 At Method173BGS2Central3131 Ligon St.Raleigh173b.pdf
Greenhouse Unit 3 At Method173CGS3Central3131 Ligon St.Raleigh173c.pdf
Gregg Museum of Art & Design001GRMNorth1903 Hillsborough St.Raleigh001.pdf
Grinnells Lab118GRLCentral3200 Faucette Dr.Raleigh118.pdf
Grounds Shop - CVM306GSVWest1121 Ruminant LaneRaleigh306.pdf
Grove Hall- Wolf Ridge-Building 5780EWR5Centennial371 Initiative WayRaleigh780e.pdf
Handicraft Shelter Millstone 4-H Camp864RMCROutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Harris Hall090HRHCentral2831 Thurman Dr.Raleigh090.pdf
Hay Shed Millstone 4-H Camp866AMHAOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Hay Shed(Upiedmont)860KZ40Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Hay Shed(Upiedmont)860NZ43Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Haywood Park960JHPAOutlying46 Haywood St.Asheville960j.pdf
Headhouse Unit 1 At Method171GH1Central830 Method Rd.Raleigh171.pdf
Headhouse Unit 2 At Method172GH2Central840 Method Rd.Raleigh172.pdf
Headhouse Unit 3 At Method173GH3Central3131 Ligon St.Raleigh173.pdf
Headhouse Unit 4 At Method174GH4Central3141 Ligon St.Raleigh174.pdf
Herdsman's House - UFL D25819BHMHLake Wheeler Site4327 Inwood Rd.Raleigh819b.pdf
High House Millstone 4-H Camp865WHIGOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Raleigh
High Tunnel Greenhouse - Horticulture Field Lab443CHTGWest3230 Ligon St.Raleigh443c.pdf
Hillsborough Building048HLBNorth2620 Hillsborough St.Raleigh048.pdf
Hodges Wood Prod Stor Central114AHWCCentral411 Dan Allen Dr.Raleigh114a.pdf
Hodges Wood Prod Stor East114CHWECentral411 Dan Allen Dr.Raleigh114c.pdf
Hodges Wood Prod Stor North114BHWNCentral411 Dan Allen Dr.Raleigh114b.pdf
Hodges Wood Products114HWPCentral411 Dan Allen Dr.Raleigh114.pdf
Holladay Hall003HOLNorth20 Watauga Club Dr.Raleigh003.pdf
Holmes Hall077HHCentral2751 Cates Ave.Raleigh077.pdf
Horse Stables #1 Millstone 4-H Camp864EMCEOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Horse Stables #2 Millstone 4-H Camp864FMCFOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Horse Stables #3 Millstone 4-H Camp864GMCGOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Horse Stables #4 Millstone 4-H Camp864HMCHOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Horse Stables #5 Millstone 4-H Camp864JMCJOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Horse Stables #6 Millstone 4-H Camp864KMC0Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Horse Stables At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816BBJBOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville
Horticulture Building At Arboretum442AHB1West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh442a.pdf
Horticulture Field Lab Hammer Mill Shed438HMSWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh438.pdf
Horticulture Greenhouse A444AHGAWest3251 Beryl Rd.Raleigh444a.pdf
Horticulture Greenhouse B444BHGBWest3249 Beryl Rd.Raleigh444b.pdf
Horticulture Headhouse444HHHWest3247 Beryl Rd.Raleigh444.pdf
Horticulture Shed UFL 441441HSWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh441.pdf
Horticulture Storage Trailer492HSTWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh492.pdf
Horticulture Storage UFL 439439HSBWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh439.pdf
Howling Cow Dairy Education Center and Creamery825HCRMLake Wheeler Site100 Dairy LaneRaleigh825h.pdf
HQ Raleigh926HQROutlying310 S. Harrington St.Raleigh926.pdf
Hudson Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg H222HWVHCentral2760 Wolf Village WayRaleigh222h.pdf
Hydroponics Storage Shed - Horticulture Field Lab445BHSSWest3230 Ligon St.Raleigh445b.pdf
Hydroponics Training Unit – Horticulture Field Lab445AHTUWest3230 Ligon St.Raleigh445a.pdf
Ice Room/Storage Building(Lowcoastal)855IQ91Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
Implement Storage Shed #68 Soybean Shelter - Clayton807VS68Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton807v.pdf
Implement Storage Shed #72 Second Soybean - Clayton807SJ50Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton807s.pdf
Information Center017ICNorth2220 Katharine Stinson Dr.Raleigh017.pdf
Inmate Hut(Lowcoastal)855JQ90Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
Irrigation Pump House (Cunningham)856QPHCOutlying200 Cunningham RoadKinston856q.pdf
Irrigation Pump Shed - Mills River850PZ16Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
Irrigation Pumphouse 2 (Sandhills)871CSI2Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs871c.pdf
Irrigation Training Building - Horticulture Field Lab443DITBWest3230 Ligon St.Raleigh443d.pdf
J.W. Isenhour Tennis Center158AJWTCentral1080 Varsity Dr.Raleigh158a.pdf
James B Hunt Jr Centennial Campus Library783AJHLCentennial1070 Partners WayRaleigh783a.pdf
JC Raulston Arboretum Lath House(Shade Structure)446DLH1West4415 Beryl Rd.Raleigh446d.pdf
Joint Building Aggregation - Lake Wheeler815MJBALake Wheeler Site3900 Mid Pines Rd.Raleigh815m.pdf
Jordan Hall058JORCentral2800 Faucette Dr.Raleigh058.pdf
Jordan Hall Addition058AJHACentral2720 Faucette Dr.Raleigh058a.pdf
Joyner Visitor Center132JVCSouth1210 Varsity Dr.Raleigh132.pdf
Kamphoefner Hall011AKAMNorth2221 Katharine Stinson Dr.Raleigh011a.pdf
Keystone Science Center759AKS1Centennial1791 Varsity Dr.Raleigh759a.pdf
Kilgore Hall069KINorth2721 Founders Dr.Raleigh069.pdf
King Village Beaufort Hall P127PKVPCentral3820 Jackson St.Raleigh127p.pdf
King Village Bertie Hall K127KKVKCentral3840 Jackson St.Raleigh127k.pdf
King Village Bladen Hall I127IKVICentral3920 Jackson St.Raleigh127i.pdf
King Village Carteret Hall L127LKVLCentral3830 Jackson St.Raleigh127l.pdf
King Village Chowan Hall A127AKVACentral2911 Ligon St.Raleigh127a.pdf
King Village Craven Hall M127MKVMCentral3810 Jackson St.Raleigh127m.pdf
King Village Currituck Hall B127BKVBCentral2921 Ligon St.Raleigh127b.pdf
King Village Edgecombe Hall Q127QKVQCentral3930 Jackson St.Raleigh127q.pdf
King Village Granville Hall G127GKVGCentral3011 Ligon St.Raleigh127g.pdf
King Village Hyde Hall C127CKVCCentral2931 Ligon St.Raleigh127c.pdf
King Village Johnston Hall H127HKVHCentral3950 Jackson St.Raleigh127h.pdf
King Village Northampton Hall F127FKVFCentral3001 Ligon St.Raleigh127f.pdf
King Village Onslow Hall E127EKVECentral2951 Ligon St.Raleigh127e.pdf
King Village Pasquotank Hall O127OKVOCentral740 Gorman St.Raleigh127o.pdf
King Village Perquimans Hall N127NKVNCentral720 Gorman St.Raleigh127n.pdf
King Village Tyrrell Hall D127DKVDCentral2941 Ligon St.Raleigh127d.pdf
King Village New Hanover Hall J127JKVJCentral3910 Jackson St.Raleigh127j.pdf
Lab/Machine Shed(Sandhills)870DD11Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs
Lake Pump House462LPHWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh462.pdf
Lake Wheeler Activity Center830MLACLake Wheeler Site2900 Mid Pines Rd.Raleigh830m.pdf
Lake Wheeler Activity Picnic Shelter830NLPSLake Wheeler Site2900 Mid Pines Rd.Raleigh830n.pdf
Lakeview Hall-Wolf Ridge-Building 6780FWR6Centennial1930 Entrepreneur Dr.Raleigh780f.pdf
Landscape Construction Storage Bldg - Horticulture Field Lab443ALCSWest3230 Ligon St.Raleigh443a.pdf
Landscape Equip124CLESCentral610 Motor Pool St. Raleigh124c.pdf
Landscape Materials124FHM1Central610 Motor Pool St. Raleigh124f.pdf
Landscape Materials124GHM2Central610 Motor Pool St. Raleigh124g.pdf
Landscape Materials124QHM3Central610 Motor Pool St. Raleigh124q.pdf
Landscape Services Stor Unit791LNDCentennialCapability Dr.Raleigh791.pdf
Landscape Storage124ELASCentral610 Motor Pool St. Raleigh124e.pdf
Language And Computer Labs030LAUNorth2341 Katharine Stinson Dr.Raleigh030.pdf
Large Picnic Shelter Site 1 (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827MAAMOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Large Picnic Shelter Site 2 (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827LAALOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Laundry Building at Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816TBLBOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816t.pdf
LBTTC Pump House-UFL 2130-Lake Wheeler809JLBJLake Wheeler Site3950 Chi Rd.Raleigh809j.pdf
Leazar Hall018LEZNorth2230 Katharine Stinson Dr.Raleigh018.pdf
Lee Residence Hall087LEECentral2530 Sullivan Dr.Raleigh087.pdf
Lentz Educational Building Millstone 4-H Camp865VMVLOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Leonard Bldg Storage CVM - Structure Moved To Reedy Creek329VTUReedy CreekReedy Creek Rd.Raleigh329.pdf
Leonard Storage Bldg #10939329CLSCOutlying7624 S. NC Hwy 41Raleigh329c.pdf
Leonard Storage Bldg 1331ALS1West3220 Ligon StreetRaleigh331a.pdf
Leonard Storage Bldg 3674 - Structure Moved To Reidsville329ALSAOutlyingReidsville329a.pdf
Leonard Storage Bldg At Reedy Creek331CLS3Reedy CreekReedy Creek Rd.Raleigh331c.pdf
Leonard Storage Building At 3220 Ligon St328VTVCentral3220 Ligon St.Raleigh328.pdf
Leonard Storage Building At Hurdle Mills329DLSDOutlying4904 Walnut Grove Church Rd.Raleigh329d.pdf
Log Barn - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801YSWYOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Log Cabin - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801WSWWOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Log Implement Bldg(Upiedmont)860FZ36Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Lot 86 Groundwater Treatment Bldg135HGTBWest4164 Westchase Blvd.Raleigh135h.pdf
Low Hay Barn - Lake Wheeler825LLHBLake Wheeler Site3512 Lake Wheeler Rd.Raleigh825l.pdf
Low House Millstone 4-H Camp865XLOWOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe865x.pdf
Machine Storage Bldg Sandhills870HH10Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs
Machinery Stor Shed(Upiedmont)861BZ57Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Mackenzie Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg F222FWVFCentral2710 Wolf Village WayRaleigh222f.pdf
MAE Lab (At West Research Annex)163FMAEWest3217 Ligon St.Raleigh163f.pdf
Magnolia Cottage - Avent Ferry C271CAFCSouth2106 Avent Ferry Rd.Raleigh271c.pdf
Main Distribution Frame065MDFCentral401 Dan Allen Dr.Raleigh065.pdf
Maintenance Facility - Lonnie Poole Golf Course787CGC3Centennial1525 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh787c.pdf
Maintenance Shed At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816ZBJZOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816z.pdf
Maintenance Shop - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801RSWROutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Mann Hall040MNNorth2501 Katharine Stinson Dr.Raleigh040.pdf
MARC I862AMA1Outlying810 Straits Rd.Smyrna862a.pdf
MARC II862BMA2Outlying810 Straits Rd.Smyrna862b.pdf
Materials Support Warehouse161MSWWest3240 Ligon St.Raleigh161.pdf
McKimmon Addition129AMKASouth1101 Gorman St.Raleigh129a.pdf
McKimmon Center129MCKSouth1101 Gorman St.Raleigh129.pdf
MEAS Field Lab240MEASouth1321 Varsity Dr.Raleigh240.pdf
Medlin Property136MPTWest4214 Trinity RoadRaleigh136.pdf
Memorial Belltower002MBTNorth2101 Hillsborough St.Raleigh002.pdf
Metal Storage Bldg At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp817CBJ3Outlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville817c.pdf
Metal Storage Bldg(Sandhills)870NN16Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs870n.pdf
Metcalf Residence Hall094METCentral2811 Thurman Dr.Raleigh094.pdf
Method Field House175MFHCentral3970 Jackson St.Raleigh175.pdf
Milking Parlor - CVM315VTOWest4715 Terry Curtin Dr.Raleigh315.pdf
Miller Field Athletic Storage119AMFSCentral430 Morrill Dr.Raleigh119a.pdf
Millstone 4H Camp Director Residence863ECDROutlying1296 Mallard DriveEllerbe863e.pdf
Milton Small Building911MSHOutlying105 Brooks Ave.Raleigh911.pdf
Modular Office (Cunningham)856MMOCOutlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston856m.pdf
Monteith Engineering Res.Ctr. (MRC)720AMRCCentennial2410 Campus Shore DrRaleigh720a.pdf
Natural Resource Storage Building163GSRBWest3223 Ligon StreetRaleigh163g.pdf
Nature Shelter - Swannonoa 4-H Camp801PSWPOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Nature Shelter Millstone 4-H Camp864QMCQOutlying1040 Woodland Dr.Ellerbe
NC State University Club (Non NCSU Building)130UCBWest4200 Hillsborough St.Raleigh130.pdf
Nelson Hall078NNorth2801 Founders Dr.Raleigh078.pdf
North Residence Hall021NORNorth2200 Hillsborough St.Raleigh021.pdf
Nussbaum Center in Greensboro999KNBCOutlying1451 South Elm Eugene St.Greensboro999k.pdf
Ocracoke Hall - Avent Ferry Residence Hall E271EAFESouth2112 Avent Ferry Rd.Raleigh271e.pdf
Office (Lowcoastal)855BQ98Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
Office Bldg(Sandhills)870QOBSOutlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs
Office(Upiedmont)861Z55Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Old Shop-Equipment Shed(Lowcoastal)855LQ88Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
One Park Drive9501PDOutlying1 Park Dr.RTP950.pdf
Open Pole Equipment Shed661B61BOutlyingSR 1775Raleigh
Orchard Pumphouse UFL 200-Lake Wheeler810DX05Lake Wheeler Site3961 Dr. Bill Gilbert WayRaleigh810d.pdf
Outhouse Millstone 4-H Camp866DMODOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Oval West Parking Deck774APC1Centennial914 Partners WayRaleigh774a.pdf
Owen Residence Hall092OWNCentral2720 Cates Ave.Raleigh092.pdf
Oyster Res Fac CVM346VTYWest1270 Horse LaneRaleigh346.pdf
Pack Shed Bldg(Sandhills)870FF05Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs
Packhse Equip Shed(Lowcoastal)855OQ85Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
Packhse Equip Stor(Lowcoastal)855MQ87Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
PAFL Visiting Scientist Quarters - Aurora849LVSQOutlying2002 Hickory Point Rd.Aurora849l.pdf
Page Hall034PANorth21 Current Dr.Raleigh034.pdf
Park Shops033PSNorth101 Current Dr.Raleigh033.pdf
Parking Deck - CBC Centennial Biomedical Campus - CVM300EPCBWest1061 William Moore Dr.Raleigh300e.pdf
Parking Deck - Keystone Science Center759BKSPCentennial1775 Varisty Dr.Raleigh759b.pdf
Parking Deck-Monteith Eng.Res.Ctr.720BERBCentennial2410 Campus Shore Dr.Raleigh720b.pdf
Partners Building I775PT1Centennial1017 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh775.pdf
Partners Building II710PT2Centennial840 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh710.pdf
Partners Building III713PT3Centennial851 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh713.pdf
Partners Way Parking Deck713AP3PCentennial851 Partners WayRaleigh713a.pdf
Patterson Hall046PTNorth2501 Founders Dr.Raleigh046.pdf
Peele Hall008PHNorth10 Watauga Club Dr.Raleigh008.pdf
Pesticide Building #1 (Sandhills)870VSP1Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs870v.pdf
Pesticide Building #2 (Sandhills)870USP2Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs870u.pdf
Pfiesteria Research Lab163SARWest3235 Ligon St.Raleigh163.pdf
Phytotron070PHYNorth2731 Pillsbury Cir.Raleigh070.pdf
Picnic Shelter Site 1 (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827JAAJOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Picnic Shelter Site 2 (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827KAAKOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Pig House CVM342PHVWest1220 Horse LaneRaleigh342.pdf
Plant Pathology Equip Shed460PPEWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh460.pdf
Plant Sciences Bldg763PLSCentennial840 Oval Dr.763.pdf
Plaza Hall-Wolf Ridge-Building 2780BWR2Centennial1940 Entrepreneur Dr.Raleigh780b.pdf
PNC Arena386PNCWest1400 Edwards Mill Rd.Raleigh386.pdf
Poe Hall024POENorth2310 Katharine Stinson Dr.Raleigh024.pdf
Polk Hall050PKNorth120 Broughton Dr.Raleigh050.pdf
Potting House UFL 436436PHBWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh436.pdf
Potting House UFL 459459PS1West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh459.pdf
Poulton Deck781BPDKCentennial1021 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh781b.pdf
Poulton Innovation Center781APICCentennial1021 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh781a.pdf
Poultry Bldg UFL 636636PB2South1344 Varsity Dr.Raleigh636.pdf
Poultry Bldg UFL 637637PB3South1350 Varsity Dr.Raleigh637.pdf
Poultry House CVM343VT1West1230 Horse LaneRaleigh343.pdf
Poultry House UFL 632632PH1South1328 Varsity Dr.Raleigh632.pdf
Poultry House UFL 633633PH2South1332 Varsity Dr.Raleigh633.pdf
Power Plant - CVM302VTBWest4881 Terry Curtin Dr.Raleigh302.pdf
Press Box-Dail Soccer Field at Derr Track115HPDSCentral2505 Cates Ave. Raleigh115h.pdf
Price Music Center104PMCCentral2620 Cates Ave.Raleigh104.pdf
Primrose Hall006PRINorth2 Watauga Club Dr.Raleigh006.pdf
Public Safety Center238PSCCentral2610 Wolf Village WayRaleigh238.pdf
Pullen Hall090APULCentral201 Dan Allen Dr.Raleigh090a.pdf
Pulp & Paper Labs113BPPLCentral431 Dan Allen Dr.Raleigh113b.pdf
Pump House - Mills River850GZ08Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
Pump House - Lake Wheeler890SPH5Lake Wheeler Site3990 Chi Rd.Raleigh890s.pdf
Pump House (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827SAASOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Pump House at Lonnie Poole Gold Course787DPHLCentennial1401 Main Campus Dr. Raleigh787d.pdf
Pump House Cent Campus761PCCCentennial1800 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh761.pdf
Pumphouse - Mills River850KZ11Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
Pumphouse (Stucco) - Mills River850NZ14Outlying74 Research DriveMills River
Pumphouse 10A (Sandhills)871ESPHOutlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs871e.pdf
Pumphouse 1B (Sandhills)870YSPWOutlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs870y.pdf
Pumphouse 4A (Sandhills)870ZSP4Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs870z.pdf
Pumphouse 7 (Sandhills)870XSP7Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs870x.pdf
Pumphouse - Reidsville860TZ48Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Pumphouse UFL 1019 - Bahama845RQ17Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845r.pdf
Pumphouse UFL 1031 - Bahama845XQ23Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama845x.pdf
Pumphouse UFL 1050 - Bahama846LQ37Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846l.pdf
Pumphouse UFL 1051 - Bahama846MQ38Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846m.pdf
Pumphouse UFL 1081 - Bahama846UQ45Outlying8800 Cassam Rd.Bahama846u.pdf
Pumphouse UFL Fb 823-Lake Wheeler830AZZ1Lake Wheeler Site1015 Mid Pines Rd. Raleigh830a.pdf
Pumphouse(Sandhills)870JZ69Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs870j.pdf
Pumphouse(Sandhills)870KK02Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs
Pumphouse(Sandhills)870LL09Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs870l.pdf
Pylon 10992APLXWest620 Hutton St.Raleigh992a.pdf
Pylon-628-106 Hutton Street992BCTTWest628-106 Hutton StRaleigh992b.pdf
Quad Commons110AQCCentral2221 Dunn Ave.Raleigh110a.pdf
Quonset Hut UFL 45405QUOWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh405.pdf
Randleigh Dairy Heritage Museum-Lake Wheeler813BX78Lake Wheeler Site301 Dairy LaneRaleigh813b.pdf
Raymond Cunningham Cr/Lowcoastal855TQ80Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston855t.pdf
Recipient Shelter - Reedy Creek Equine Farm478RCRReedy Creek1524 Equine Farm Rd.Raleigh478.pdf
Recreation Hall - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801DSWDOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Recreation Hall At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816NBJNOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville
Recreation Hall Millstone 4-H Camp864MMCMOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Red Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg D222DWVDCentral2740 Wolf Village WayRaleigh222d.pdf
Research Annex Metal Bldg.169ERAMWest3219 Ligon St.Raleigh169e.pdf
Research Annex West A165ARAWest3210 Ligon St.Raleigh165a.pdf
Research Annex West B165BRAWWest3220 Ligon St.Raleigh165b.pdf
Research Building I 730RB1Centennial1001 Capability Dr.Raleigh730.pdf
Research Building II731RE2Centennial1009 Capability Dr.Raleigh731.pdf
Research Building III733RE3Centennial1005 Capability Dr.Raleigh733.pdf
Research Building IV734RE4Centennial909 Capability Dr.Raleigh734.pdf
Research Greenhouse 3 At Partners Building II710BRG3Centennial840 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh710b.pdf
Research Greenhouse At Partners II710ARGHCentennial840 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh710a.pdf
Research Support Storage North (Cunningham)856NHZNOutlying200 Cunningham RoadKinston856n.pdf
Research Support Storage South (Cunningham)856PHZSOutlying200 Cunningham RoadKinston856p.pdf
Restrooms-Dail Soccer Field At Derr Track115GRDSCentral2505 Cates Ave. Raleigh115g.pdf
Reynolds Coliseum100COLCentral2411 Dunn Ave.Raleigh100.pdf
Ricks Hall045RINorth1 Lampe Dr.Raleigh045.pdf
Ricks Hall Addition045ARHANorth2401 Founders Dr.Raleigh045a.pdf
Riddick Hall039RDNorth2401 Katharine Stinson Dr.Raleigh039.pdf
Riflery Shelter Millstone 4-H Camp865TM40Outlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Ruby McSwain Education Ctr446RMEWest4415 Beryl Rd.Raleigh446.pdf
Sale Barn Bldg #12 (Upiedmont)860HZ38Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Salt Barn At Bulk Debris Site163HBD1WestLigon St.Raleigh163h.pdf
SAS Hall032ASASNorth2311 Katharine Stinson Dr.Raleigh032a.pdf
Schaub Food Science Building120SFSCentral400 Dan Allen Dr.Raleigh120.pdf
Schenck Forest Picnic Shelter661ASFOutlyingSR 1775Raleigh
Scott Hall068SCNorth2711 Founders Dr.Raleigh068.pdf
Shed(Upiedmont)860JZ39Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Shed(Upiedmont)860UZ49Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Shop UFL 210810MX13Lake Wheeler Site3931 Dr. Bill Gilbert WayRaleigh810m.pdf
Shop(Upiedmont)860Z30Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Shop/Shed (Lowcoastal)855CQ97Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
Short Game Practice Facility130JSGPWest4210 Hillsborough St. Raleigh130j.pdf
Skeet Building #1 Millstone 4-H Camp863BSK1Outlying1296 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Skeet Building #2 Millstone 4-H Camp863CSK2Outlying1296 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Skeet Building #3 Millstone 4-H Camp863DSK3Outlying1296 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Sleeping Quarters Site 2 (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827NAANOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Sleeping Quarters Site 2 (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827PAAPOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Sleeping Quarters Site 2 (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827QAAQOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Sleeping Quarters Site 2 (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827RAAROutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Slocum Camp BBQ Pit843KGG7Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont843k.pdf
Slocum Camp Billiards Hall841XSCTOutlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841x.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #1841AA01Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841a.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #2841BB02Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841b.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #3841CC03Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841c.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #4841DD04Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841d.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #5841EE05Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841e.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #6841FF06Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841f.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #7841MM11Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841m.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #8841NN12Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841n.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #9841PP13Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841p.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #10841RR15Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841r.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #11841SS16Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841s.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #12841TT17Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841t.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #13841UU18Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841u.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #14841VV19Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841v.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #15843AX21Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont843a.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #16843BY22Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont843b.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #17843CZ23Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont843c.pdf
Slocum Camp Cabin #18843DAA1Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont843d.pdf
Slocum Camp Cooks House841QS14Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841q.pdf
Slocum Camp Equipment Bldg841HH08Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841h.pdf
Slocum Camp Fuel Shed843JFF6Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont843j.pdf
Slocum Camp Garage/Storage Shed842BB25Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont842b.pdf
Slocum Camp Jerves Classroom Bldg841GG07Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841g.pdf
Slocum Camp Kitchen/Dining843FCC3Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont843f.pdf
Slocum Camp Lodge842AA24Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont842a.pdf
Slocum Camp New/West Classroom Bldg843EBB2Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont843e.pdf
Slocum Camp Office Building841YSCOOutlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841y.pdf
Slocum Camp Pole Shed843HEE5Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont843h.pdf
Slocum Camp Pumphouse/Well843GDD4Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont843g.pdf
Slocum Camp Toilet/Shower Fac841JSCSOutlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841j.pdf
Slocum Camp Tool/Storage Bldg.841ZSLTOutlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841z.pdf
Slocum Caretakers House841KK10Outlying915 State Forest Rd.Rougemont841k.pdf
Solar Bulk Curing Barn116SCBCentral3110 Faucette Dr. Raleigh116.pdf
Solar House242SOHSouth1201 Gorman St.Raleigh242.pdf
Solar House Storage242ASR1South1201 Gorman St. Raleigh242a.pdf
Solar Testing Facility242CSR3South1201 Gorman St. Raleigh242c.pdf
Soybean Storage Building (Non-NCSU Building)168ASBSCentral3127 Ligon St. Raleigh168a.pdf
Specialty Crop Large Greenhouse (Cunningham)856LG3COutlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston856l.pdf
Spring Hill House755ASHHCentennial705 Barbour Dr.Raleigh755a.pdf
Spring Hill Storage755BHHSCentennial705 Barbour Dr. Raleigh755b.pdf
Spring House(Upiedmont)860WZ51Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Staff House At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816MBJMOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville816m.pdf
Staff House Millstone 4-H Camp864YMCYOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
State Employees Credit Union 4-H Learning Center at Millstone 4-H Camp866EHLCOutlying1296 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe866e.pdf
STEM Center - Craven Community College937SCCOutlying305 Cunningham Blvd.Havelock937.pdf
Storage Bldg(Sandhills)870RR21Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs
Storage Bldg(Sandhills)870SS22Outlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs
Storage Bldg. (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827DAADOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Storage Bldg. (Anita Alta 4-H Outpost Camp)827EAAEOutlyingAnita Alta 4-H Outpost CampLenoir
Storage Building At Sullivan Drive124KLS1Central610 Motor Pool St. Raleigh124k.pdf
Storage Building for Reproductive Physiology Lab- CVM Annex134ARPAWest1400 Blue Ridge Rd. Raleigh134a.pdf
Storage Shed #2242DSR4SouthRaleigh
Storage Shed #65 DOD - Clayton807TS65Outlying13223 US 70 WestClayton807t.pdf
Storage Shed - CVM324ASSVWest4840 Terry Curtin Dr. Raleigh324a.pdf
Storage Shelter - Dail Facility115EWSBCentral2505 Cates Ave. Raleigh115e.pdf
Storage Shelter At Bulk Debris Site163JBD3WestLigon St. Raleigh163j.pdf
Structures Storage Bldg720DESBCentennial2410 Campus Shore Dr. Raleigh720d.pdf
Sullivan Residence Hall084SULCentral2921 Thurman Dr.Raleigh084.pdf
Sullivan Shops Building I126DSS1Central625 Motor Pool St.Raleigh126d.pdf
Sullivan Shops Building II126ESS2Central629 Motor Pool St.Raleigh126e.pdf
Sullivan Shops Building III124ASS3Central620 Motor Pool St.Raleigh124a.pdf
Sullivan Shops Building III Recycling124BSSRCentral630 Motor Pool St. Raleigh124b.pdf
Sullivan Substation A/B Switchgear125ASDACentral631 Motor Pool St. Raleigh125a.pdf
Sullivan Substation C/D Switchgear125CSDCCentral631 Motor Pool St. Raleigh125c.pdf
Superintendent Dwelling - D1 (Sandhills)870SDDOutlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs870.pdf
Supervisor House (Lowcoastal)855HQ92Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
Swan Quarter Hall - Avent Ferry Residence Hall D271DAFDSouth2112 Avent Ferry Rd.Raleigh271d.pdf
Sweet Potato Greenhouse #444C444CHGCWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh444c.pdf
Sweet Potato Greenhouse #444D444DHGDWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh444d.pdf
Sweet Potato Greenhouse #444E444EHGEWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh444e.pdf
Sweet Potato Greenhouse #444F444FHGFWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh444f.pdf
Swimming Pool Filter Bldg - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801VSWVOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Swimming Pool Filter House Millstone 4-H Camp864WMCWOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Swimming Pool Pm At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816UBJUOutlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville
Swine Housing CVM341VTNWest1241 Horse Lane Raleigh341.pdf
Syme Residence Hall015SYMNorth2210 Baver Dr.Raleigh015.pdf
Talley Student Union102TSUCentral2610 Cates Ave.Raleigh102.pdf
TAU Finishing House - CVM321FINWest1140 Poultry House LaneRaleigh321.pdf
TAU Poultry House - CVM314TPHWest1141 Poultry House LaneRaleigh314.pdf
Teaching Animal Unit - CVM305VTEWest4700 Terry Curtin Dr.Raleigh305.pdf
Team Building-Dail Soccer Field at Derr Track115JTDSCentral2505 Cates Ave. Raleigh115j.pdf
Terry Companion Vet Med Center - CVM (Terry Center)300CTACWest1052 William Moore Dr.Raleigh300c.pdf
Textiles Complex700TEXCentennial1020 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh700.pdf
The Frontier953FRNOutlying800 Park Offices DriveRTP953.pdf
The Necessary at McNeel Corner - Arboretum410ARRWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh410.pdf
The Point-Chancellors Residence790APCRCentennial1570 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh790a.pdf
Thomas Hall067BTHMNorth112 Derieux Pl.Raleigh067b.pdf
Timber Hall-Wolf Village Apartments Bldg E222EWVECentral2720 Wolf Village WayRaleigh222e.pdf
Tobacco Barn (Lowcoastal)855FQ94Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
Tobacco Barn(Upiedmont)860PZ44Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Tobacco Curing Unit(Upiedmont)860BZ32Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Tobacco Curing Unit(Upiedmont)860CZ33Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Tobacco Pack House(Upiedmont)860AZ31Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Tobacco Packhouse (Lowcoastal)855DQ96Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
Tompkins Hall022TNorth2211 Hillsborough St.Raleigh022.pdf
Tower Hall-Wolf Ridge-Building 1780AWR1Centennial1900 Entrepreneur Dr.Raleigh780a.pdf
Toxicology Building712TOXCentennial850 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh712.pdf
Toxicology Parking Deck712ATX1Centennial850 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh712a.pdf
Tractor Shelter-Storage - Swannanoa 4-H Camp801XSWXOutlying170 Woodland Dr.Swannanoa
Trap House Millstone 4-H Camp865YTRAOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Trickle Irrig Pmphse UFL 206 - Lake Wheeler810HX09Lake Wheeler Site3961 Dr. Bill Gilbert WayRaleigh810h.pdf
Tucker Residence Hall091TUCCentral2800 Cates Ave.Raleigh091.pdf
Turf Building (Sandhills)870WSTBOutlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs870w.pdf
Turf Storage Bldg 9B (Sandhills)870TSBTOutlying2148 Windblow Rd.Jackson Springs870t.pdf
Turlington Residence Hall096TURCentral2710 Cates Ave.Raleigh096.pdf
Turner House080THNorth110 Brooks Ave.Raleigh080.pdf
Tuner House Garage080ATHGNorth110 Brooks Ave.Raleigh080a.pdf
Unit 2 F Mechanical Bldg At Method172FU2FCentral850 Method Rd.Raleigh172f.pdf
Unit 2 Greenhouse A at Method172AGHACentral840 Method Rd.Raleigh172a.pdf
Unit 2 Greenhouse B at Method172BGHBCentral840 Method Rd.Raleigh172b.pdf
Unit 2 Greenhouse C at Method172CGHCCentral840 Method Rd.Raleigh172c.pdf
Unit 2 Greenhouse D At Method172DU2DCentral840 Method Rd.Raleigh172d.pdf
Unit 2 Greenhouse E At Method172EU2ECentral840 Method Rd.Raleigh172e.pdf
Utility Bldg UFL 494494UBWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh
Utility Bldg UFL 496496UB2West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh496.pdf
Utility Bldg UFL 497497UB3West4301 Beryl Rd..Raleigh497.pdf
Utility Bldg UFL 498498UB4West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh498.pdf
Utility Building Rprl - CVM134DRPDWest1400 Blue Ridge Rd. Raleigh134d.pdf
Valley Hall-Wolf Ridge-Building 4780DWR4Centennial351 Initiative WayRaleigh780d.pdf
Varsity Research Building250AVRBSouth1575 Varsity Dr.Raleigh250a.pdf
Vegetable Disease and Management Storage – Horticulture Field Lab443EVDMWest3230 Ligon St.Raleigh443e.pdf
Vegetable Post Harvest - Horticulture Field Lab403VPHWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh403.pdf
Vegetable Production Storage Building - Horticulture Field Lab443BVPSWest3230 Ligon St.Raleigh443b.pdf
Venture I750VC1Centennial940 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh750.pdf
Venture II752VC2Centennial920 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh752.pdf
Venture III753VC3Centennial900 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh753.pdf
Venture IV754VC4Centennial1730 Varsity Dr.Raleigh754.pdf
Venture Place751VTPCentennial930 Main Campus Dr.Raleigh751.pdf
Verizon Mobile Carrier Shelter135MMS3West4600 Trinity Rd.Raleigh135m.pdf
Vet School Unit 1 (Finger Barn 1) - CVM307VTGWest4800 Terry Curtin Dr.Raleigh307.pdf
Vet School Unit 2 (Finger Barn 2) - CVM308VTHWest4810 Terry Curtin Dr.Raleigh308.pdf
Vet School Unit 3 (Finger Barn 3) - CVM309VTIWest4820 Terry Curtin Dr.Raleigh309.pdf
Vet School Unit 4 (Finger Barn 4) - CVM310VTJWest4830 Terry Curtin Dr.Raleigh310.pdf
Vet School Unit 5 (Finger Barn 5) - CVM311VTKWest4840 Terry Curtin Dr.Raleigh311.pdf
W.N. Reynolds Faculty House999MRFHOutlying105 S. Ridge AvenueKannapolis999m.pdf
Wagoner Learning Center At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp817ABJ1Outlying804 Cedar LaneReidsville817a.pdf
Walk-In Cooler Horticulture464WALWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh464.pdf
Walk-In Cooler UFL 458458WICWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh458.pdf
Walk-In Cooler UFL 47407COOWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh407.pdf
Wash Building323CHEWest1120 Poultry House LaneRaleigh323.pdf
Waste Treatment Bldg at MRC720EWTBCentennial2410 Campus Shore Dr.Raleigh720e.pdf
Watauga Residence Hall010WATNorth2200 Katharine Stinson Dr.Raleigh010.pdf
Waterfront Shed At Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp816VBJVOutlying804 Cedar LaneRaleigh
Weaver Administration Bldg117AWABCentral3100 Faucette Dr.Raleigh117a.pdf
Weaver Lab Gasificiation Research Shelter117CWLCCentral3112 Faucette Dr. Raleigh117c.pdf
Weaver Labs Garage117BWLBCentral3112 Faucette Dr. Raleigh117b.pdf
Weed Control Lab166WCLCentral3121 Ligon St.Raleigh166.pdf
Weed Control Lab "B"166BWCBCentral3121 Ligon St.Raleigh166b.pdf
Weed Control Lab "C"166CWCCCentral3121 Ligon St.Raleigh166c.pdf
Weed Control Lab "D"166DWCDCentral3121 Ligon St.Raleigh166d.pdf
Weed Control Lab Storage167WCACentral3111 Ligon St.Raleigh167.pdf
Weisiger-Brown Ath Fac111WBCentral2500 Warren Carroll Dr.Raleigh111.pdf
Welch Residence Hall013WELNorth80 Pullen Dr.Raleigh013.pdf
Well House #1 - Reidsville860QZ45Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Well House #2 - Reidsville860RZ46Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Well House #3 - Reidsville860SZ47Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Well House #4(Upiedmont)861AZ56Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Well House UFL 49409W1West4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh409.pdf
Well Pump Hse UFL 46406PUMWest4301 Beryl Rd.Raleigh406.pdf
Well Pumphouse - TEU UFL 2102-Lake Wheeler813KX86Lake Wheeler Site4601 Mid Pines Rd.Raleigh813k.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 105-Reedy Creek820GY26Reedy Creek1545 Equine Farm Rd.Raleigh820g.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 116G-Reedy Creek820PY33Reedy Creek4905 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh
Well Pumphouse UFL 124 - Reedy Creek820UY38Reedy Creek2150 Trenton Rd.Raleigh820u.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 132-Reedy Creek820ZY43Reedy Creek4616 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh820z.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 135-Reedy Creek821BY46Reedy Creek2100 Trenton Rd. Raleigh821b.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 143-Reedy Creek821GY51Reedy Creek4903 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh
Well Pumphouse UFL 148-Reedy Creek821LY55Reedy Creek4616 Reedy Creek Rd.Raleigh821l.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 157-Reedy Creek821QY59Reedy Creek5900 Trinity Rd.Raleigh
Well Pumphouse UFL 163-Reedy Creek821TY62Reedy Creek5900 Trinity Rd.Raleigh821t.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 192-Reedy Creek822HY77Reedy Creek2001 Trenton Rd.Raleigh822h.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 215-Lake Wheeler810SX18Lake Wheeler Site4091 Chi Rd. Raleigh810s.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 225-Lake Wheeler811X26Lake Wheeler Site3919 Inwood Rd. Raleigh811.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 226-Lake Wheeler811AX27Lake Wheeler Site3720 Lake Wheeler Rd. Raleigh811a.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 261-Lake Wheeler812X51Lake Wheeler Site4620 Lake Wheeler Rd. Raleigh812.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 265-Lake Wheeler812DX55Lake Wheeler Site4405 Lake Wheeler Rd. Raleigh812d.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 282-Lake Wheeler812UX70Lake Wheeler Site3908 Inwood Rd. Raleigh812u.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 283-Lake Wheeler812VX71Lake Wheeler Site4523 Broiler Rd. Raleigh812v.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL 809-Aurora849HQ78Outlying2002 Hickory Point Rd.Aurora849h.pdf
Well Pumphouse UFL2117-Lake Wheeler813YX99Lake Wheeler Site3902 Coefficient Rd. Raleigh813y.pdf
Wendell H. Murphy Football Ctr135FWMFWest4600 Trinity Rd.Raleigh135f.pdf
West Barn - CVM303VTCWest4725 Terry Curtin Dr.Raleigh303.pdf
West Chiller Plant223WCPCentral2761 Wolf Village WayRaleigh223.pdf
West Dunn Building083WDBCentral2901 Thurman Dr.Raleigh083.pdf
West Lot Parking Deck216APW1Central1125 Varsity Dr.Raleigh216a.pdf
Westchase III989WC3West4011 Westchase Blvd.Raleigh989.pdf
Western Blvd. Business Services131WBSSouth1220 Varsity Dr.Raleigh131.pdf
Western Manor Apartments ABC281WMASouth1551 Lilley Ct. Raleigh281.pdf
Western Manor Apartments DEF282WMDSouth1531 Lilley Ct. Raleigh282.pdf
Western Manor Apartments GH283WMGSouth1521 Lilley Ct. Raleigh283.pdf
Western Manor Apartments IJ284WMISouth1500 Lilley Ct. Raleigh284.pdf
Western Manor Apartments K285WMKSouth1510 Lilley Ct. Raleigh285.pdf
Western Manor Apartments L286WMLSouth1520 Lilley Ct. Raleigh286.pdf
Western Manor Apartments M287WMMSouth1530 Lilley Ct. Raleigh287.pdf
Western Manor Apartments NO288WMNSouth1540 Lilley Ct. Raleigh288.pdf
Western Manor Apartments PQ289WMPSouth1550 Lilley Ct. Raleigh289.pdf
Williams Hall062WMSNorth101 Derieux Pl.Raleigh062.pdf
Williamsdale Farm Main Dwelling858AWF1Outlying7660 S. NC Hwy 41Wallace
Winslow Hall004WSLNorth40 Pullen Dr.Raleigh004.pdf
Winston Hall023WNNorth2301 Hillsborough St.Raleigh023.pdf
Withers Hall043WINorth101 Lampe Dr.Raleigh043.pdf
Witherspoon Student Center081WSCCentral2810 Cates Ave.Raleigh081.pdf
Wood Frame House (Lowcoastal)856AP94Outlying200 Cunningham Rd.Kinston
Wood Residence Hall Bldg A112AWD1Central2531 Warren Carroll Dr.Raleigh112a.pdf
Wood Residence Hall Bldg B112BWD2Central2521 Warren Carroll Dr.Raleigh112b.pdf
Wood Residence Hall Bldg C112CWD3Central2541 Warren Carroll Dr.Raleigh112c.pdf
Wood Shop(Upiedmont)860GZ37Outlying1944 Wentworth Rd.Reidsville
Wood Treating Plant Millstone 4-H Camp864SMCSOutlying1040 Mallard Dr.Ellerbe
Yarbrough Central Utility Plant (YCUP)029YDSNorth2411 Yarbrough Dr.Raleigh029.pdf
Yarbrough Switchgear029CYSGNorth2411 Yarbrough DrRaleigh029c.pdf

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