Close-King Indoor Practice Facility

Building Address: 4550 Trinity Road (show on map)

Building Abbreviation: IPF

Building Number: 135J

Precinct: West

In the summer of 2015, Close-King Indoor Practice Facility opened.  The football facility boasts a full, 120-yard football field with a roof height sufficient for punts and suspended goalposts.

In addition to the field, the Wolfpack’s new state-of-the-art indoor practice facility boasts additional training and conditioning space beyond both endzones and four sprint lanes down the full length of the field.

Other features include an in-ground and above-ground pads for long jump, triple jump, high jump and other track events, end zone and 50-yardline viewing platforms, clerestory windows and glass roll-up doors to allow natural daylight, a complete sound system, and support areas for equipment, strength and conditioning and sports medicine.

The privately-funded $14 million facility is named in honor of NC State alums Derick S. Close (‘82) and James S. King (‘62), who donated the lead gifts for the project.

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