Metcalf Residence Hall

Building Address: 2811 Thurman Drive (show on map)

Building Abbreviation: MET

Building Number: 094

Precinct: Central

Metcalf Hall, a 12-story building located on central campus, houses participants in the First-Year College Residential Program. Zeno Payne Metcalf (1885-1956), for whom the building is named, brought international recognition to NC State as a major historical center. He was also a leader in the historic battle of the 1920’s to defeat proposed laws prohibiting the teaching of Darwinian evolutionary theory, which could have been devastating to the teaching of biological sciences in colleges and universities.

Metcalf was the author of about 100 scientific publications, and belonged to 36 professional societies. He left his collection of nearly 90,000 insect specimens to the Department of Entomology, and his papers and personal library to the University library. After earning his A. B. degree from Ohio State University and his doctor of science from Harvard, he came to NC State as entomologist with the Agricultural Experiment Station in 1912. He served as director of instruction for the School of Agriculture, director of graduate studies, and associate dean of the Consolidated University Graduate School. Metcalf served on the editorial boards of four national scientific journals and had visiting professorships at Michigan, Ohio State, Duke and the University of Delaware.

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