Tompkins Hall

Building Address: 2211 Hillsborough Street (show on map)

Building Abbreviation: T

Building Number: 022

Precinct: North

The original Tompkins Hall opened in 1902 as a residence hall and was designed to resemble the latest turn-of-the-century cotton mills. However, the building was destroyed by fire in 1914 and the reconstructed architecture displays Renaissance motifs with high ceilings, a central tower, roof brackets and repeated pattern of white-outlined windows. The tower was shortened in a renovation in 1981 for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The building is named for Daniel Augustus Tompkins, who was the original building designer, supervised its construction and was responsible for the passage of the bill that established the School of Textiles. His advocacy for the establishment of textile schools at Clemson and NC State University and his service on the college’s Board of Trustees were essential for the growth of the textiles field.

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