Price Music Center

Building Address: 2620 Cates Avenue (show on map)

Building Abbreviation: PMC

Building Number: 104

Precinct: Central

A two-story building with an area of 21,525 square feet, the Price Center has adopted the former name of a campus street. The first Pullen Hall had been the original music building; however, it was burned down by a fire caused by a student arsonist (see Pullen Hall). A music library that took decades to build was destroyed in the fire along with student and University instruments. The new Price Music Center contains three large rehearsal halls, each a building within a building, surrounded by three feet of space, and self-sealing doors.

The name honors Percy Walter (Daddy) Price, who is the father of today’s musical organizations on campus. In the fall of 1918, NC State hired Price as an instructor in textiles and director of music. Price’s extracurricular work with the ROTC band grew, until he had organized a concert band, orchestra and glee club. In 1923, he was appointed full-time director of music. Price’s glee club would play for military units, football games and the “State Fair Special” train that toured the state each year before the fair.

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