Biltmore Hall (Robertson Wing)

Building Address: 2820 Faucette Drive (show on map)

Building Abbreviation: BI

Building Number: 113

Precinct: Central

Biltmore Hall received its name from the Biltmore Forest School (1898-1913) near Asheville, N.C., which was the first forestry school in North America. The founder of the school, Dr. Carl A. Schenk, felt that NC State’s School of Forestry was the successor to his school. Schenck received an honorary Doctor of Forestry Science degree from NC State in 1952 and the Schenck Memorial Forest near Carter-Finley Stadium was dedicated to his memory in 1957.

The original Robertson Building was considered unique to the South and has housed a small paper-making machine in addition to all necessary supporting research equipment. The Robertson Building is connected to Biltmore Hall and is named after Reuben Buck Robertson (1879-1972).

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