Memorial Belltower

Building Address: 2101 Hillsborough Street (show on map)

Building Abbreviation: MBT

Building Number: 002

Precinct: North

Architect William Henry Deacy was first appointed to design the tower in 1920 but the stonework for the tower was not completed until 1937 due to several setbacks during the Great Depression and again during World War II. Since then, the Belltower has undergone several renovations, including adding a clock in 1938, adding chimes, a shrine room and a memorial plaque. The Memorial Belltower was officially dedicated in 1949 to honor NC State alumni killed in World War I. The tradition of lighting up the tower red for auspicious occasions began in 1999. Currently, the Belltower is under renovation once again as a $6.5 million completion and restoration project is underway. Most notably, the Belltower’s 55 bells will finally be installed in the open belfry at the top, which currently contains only a speaker system.

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