Holmes Hall

Building Address: 2751 Cates Avenue (show on map)

Building Abbreviation: HH

Building Number: 077

Precinct: Central

Holmes Hall is a three-story building with approximately 23,000 gross square feet. The first floor is occupied by University Housing –  includes the Central Campus Service Desk for TOTA (Tucker, Owen, Turlington and Alexander) and Tri-Towers (Bowen, Metcalf and Carroll), three classrooms, a computer room, and a lobby (two stories in height). The second floor is occupied by the Exploratory Studies Advisers. The third floor is occupied by Disability Resources and Study Abroad.  Take the virtual tour and learn more about the building.

The building was built in 2007. The architect was LS3P Associates Ltd and the contractor was Balfour Beatty. Originally the building was named First Year College. In 2015 it was renamed University College Commons. Most recently in 2018 the building was renamed Holmes Hall in honor of Irwin Holmes, the first African-American to receive an undergraduate degree from NC State.

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