Schaub Food Science Building

Building Address: 400 Dan Allen Drive (show on map)

Building Abbreviation: SFS

Building Number: 120

Precinct: Central

This five-story brick and concrete building is a striking modern composition of abstract forms which face a large elevated promenade area. The building’s name honors Ira Obed Schaub (1880-1971) who served as dean of the School of Agriculture, director of the Agricultural Extension Service, and director of the Agricultural Experiment Station.

Schaub graduated from NC State in 1900, leaving North Carolina in order to study at Johns Hopkins University. After working for two years at the Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station and as an assistant professor of soils at Iowa State, he returned to NC State in 1909. Here, he developed boys’ and girls’ club work to demonstrate modern, agricultural practices in rural communities. The club is known today as the 4-H program. Schaub left in 1913 to serve as agriculturist with the Frisco Railroad and with the USDA. For two years, he was director of the Agricultural Extension Service and in 1926, he became dean of the agricultural school at NC State. The University awarded him an honorary doctorate of agriculture in 1951. Schaub was a national pioneer in the field of agricultural extension.

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