Research Building I

Building Address: 1001 Capability Drive (show on map)

Building Abbreviation: RB1

Building Number: 730

Precinct: Centennial

Research One, located across from the College of Textiles on Centennial Campus became the first building to open on the new extension of NC State. The architecture and surrounding space of Research One encourages interaction among people at the pavilion above the entry and offers views of the conference room through glass curtain walls. This technique is part of the University’s strategy of celebrating the public aspects of Centennial Campus. Another feature of the building is its roof shape and profile. The unusual roofscape contains spaces within for air-handling equipment for the labs; yet, the roof itself adds visual richness to the building. The courtyard in front of Research One is an example of landscaped open-space framed by the careful placement of these new buildings.

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