Bureau of Mines

Building Address: 2500 Yarbrough Drive (show on map)

Building Abbreviation: BM

Building Number: 053

Precinct: North

The Bureau of Mines was constructed in 1945 as a research station for the mining, quarrying, metallurgical and other mineral industries.

The building stood vacant for a time, was used for storage of radioactive materials, and in the late 1950s was taken over by the physics department for experiments in nuclear physics and atomic physics. NC State’s first nuclear reactor was housed in the building until it was superseded by newer equipment in the Burlington Engineering Laboratories. The first reactor has now been adopted by Mississippi University.

The Bureau of Mines was then converted into an office and research facility by adding levels to what had previously been high bay areas. It is a four-story building located near the free-expression tunnel behind Cox Hall. The building bears architectural touches from the Federal period.

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