Poe Hall

Building Address: 2310 Katharine Stinson Drive (show on map)

Building Abbreviation: POE

Building Number: 024

Precinct: North

This seven-story building is built from concrete and precast stone panels composed in strong horizontal lines. A spacious two-story high, glass-enclosed stairwell creates a dramatic entry, while the second floor features warm-toned brick, slab benches. The building is named to honor Clarence Hamilton Poe (1881-1964) who, by the age of 16, had won the attention of Leonidas Polk for his excellent writing skills. Poe had submitted an article to Polk’s magazine, The Progressive Farmer, and was soon appointed assistant. Poe became editor by the age of 18, and bought the publishing company within four years. The magazine’s subscriptions increased and the nationally recognized magazine became known as “The Poe-gressive Farmer.”

Poe promoted agriculture and education, and worked to enhance all aspects of rural life. He was a member of the State Board of Agriculture, and a leader in education, forestry, medical care, health, and social welfare. He educated himself, and later received five honorary degrees and countless other awards, including the World Peace Medal of the American Freedom Association.

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