Floor Plan Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access floor plans?

Access to floor plans is now available through the system: FM:Interact (FMI). To access the FMI, visit the link: https://fmsysweb.oit.ncsu.edu/, and use your Unity ID to login. Please note: if you’re trying to access FMI from a location off campus, you will need to login to the NCSU VPN.

I tried to access floor plans from the floor plan website, but I ended up on the FMI home page. How do I get to the floor plans I need?

If you haven’t logged in to FMI, or your login has timed out, you will need to reestablish your login. Try the link from the floor plan website again, after logging back in (if credentials were requested).

What do I do if I have access, but can’t log in?

If trying to access remotely, make sure that you’re signed on to the NCSU VPN. Proceed with accessing the system using your Unity ID and password. If you continue to be unable to access FMI, email Rose Fortier (rfortie@ncsu.edu)

How do I report that information on a floor plan is incorrect?

The accuracy of floor plans is very important. Direct notification of any inaccuracies to Rose Fortier (rfortie@ncsu.edu).

How can I get training in FMI?

You can access the FMI User Manual here. For more in-depth instructions, check Reporter to see what classes are being offered. You can also reach out to the Plan Room Librarian (group-plan-room@ncsu.edu) for a quick orientation to the system.