Building Maintenance and Operations


Building Maintenance and Operations
Administrative Services Building III
2601 Wolf Village Way, Suite 300
Raleigh, NC 27695-7542
Campus Box 7542
Phone: 919-515-9916
Fax: 919-515-5320

For emergencies or immediate assistance, or to submit a Service Request, please contact the Customer Service Center at (919) 515-2991

BM&O exists to provide a safe, comfortable interior climate through the proper operation, maintenance, and repair of building mechanical systems.

Zone Maintenance
Multiple zones provide dedicated technicians familiar with tenant and building needs.
Energy Systems Maintenance Service Zones Map (11 x 17 PDF)
Energy Systems
Maintenance Service Zones Map (42 x 42 PDF)

Contract Administration of elevator maintenance.

In-house technical staff dedicated to optimizing building performance.

Technicians providing support for the proper operation of building mechanical systems.

Fire Protection Systems
In-house staff ensuring effective fire alarm and suppression systems.

Our Employees
Organization Chart

BM&O Employee Resources 

Building Maintenance and Operations is a department of Campus Operations and Maintenance.