Business Systems


Business Systems
Administrative Services Building III
2601 Wolf Village Way, Suite 121
Raleigh, NC 27695-7219
Campus Box 7219
Phone: 919-515-2991


The Business Systems unit is responsible for developing and maintaining work management solutions which empower workflow across the Facilities Division. Current solutions include an integrated work management system (AiM), comprehensive functional and technical system support, full-scale desktop and networking services, a customer service/work control center, as well as materials management and warehouse operations. These solutions support the initiation and completion of work in the field, the tracking and billing of costs and the reporting of activities and trends.

  • Functional – AiM Helpdesk, Workdesk Configuration, Data Entry/Cleanup, Training, Documentation, Reports, IQ Dashboards, Accounting, End of Year Support, Monthly Warehouse Inventory.
  • Technical – Report Writing (IQ & BIRT), ReADY, IQ Data Sources, AiM Projects and Upgrades, Data Entry/Cleanup, Interfaces, End of Year Support.

  • Responsible for coordinating the work control function for all facilities-related requests from across the University. This includes tasks such as fielding inbound calls and online customer requests to initiate workflow for service providers, escalating/prioritizing urgent requests, checking work orders for accurate data, following through to make sure work orders are completed in a timely manner and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Owns and updates the Facilities Liaisons list – (Facilities Liaisons serve as central points of contact for day-to-day maintenance and services for their building(s), and they keep deans and department heads informed on facility issues.)
  • Notifies affected parties of Utility Interruptions (Power outages, AC/Heat interruptions, etc.)

  • Purchase of Tools, Equipment, Services & Material <$5K
  • Purchase of Tools, Equipment, Services & Material >$5K, in conjunction with Campus Purchasing
  • Sourcing (State Term Contracts, Cooperative Agreements, Blanket Purchase Orders and more)
  • Warehouse Restock Ordering

  • Asset Tagging & Scrapping – tagging of all incoming equipment exceeding $250 and removal of equipment less than $5k no longer in use
  • Tool & Material Stocking – inventory added or changed upon request
  • Order Pickup, Receiving, Delivery & Returns – including (but not limited to) processing, filling, and delivering weekly preventative maintenance and emergency housekeeping supplies
  • Walk-in Service – available to all customers immediately needing supplies
  • Daily Vendor Interactions – ensures lowest price and material availability


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