Facilities Human Resources

The Office of Facilities Human Resources supports the Facilities Division and we are committed to providing top quality and best HR services and assistance to all Facilities employees. We act as a liaison to the University’s Central Human Resources and provide those same services to our employees that the Division of HR would, but on a local level and focusing solely on Facilities employees and their needs. Our department manages class & compensation, recruiting and hiring, safety, benefits, training & development programs and employee relations.

Class & Compensation consists of reviewing staff positions, reclassifying existing positions, and oversight of the classification process. Class & Compensation also assists with compensation ranges and consults on comprehensive strategic job design when needed.

Recruiting & hiring works to post jobs, view applicants, assist in interview techniques and skills, as well as to ensure the hiring process meets stringent EEO guidelines. Our talent acquisition section prepares all offer letters, reviews the background checks process and walks new hires-from start to finish-through the onboarding process.

Safety involves risk assessments in and for the work place, both from a safety and health perspective. Preventive and corrective measures are recommended by our Safety department as well as policies and procedures for working safely. Work site evaluations and audits are conducted in great detail and are always done in accordance with Federal, state and local laws.

Benefits works in tandem with Central HR to afford all Facilities employees with options available to them through the benefits offered by the University. From Family Medical Leave, disability options and workers’ compensation, our experts can explain these options before an employee makes a decision that will impact their life.

Training & Development is accountable for individual employee training and development as well as responsible for organizational effectiveness. The goal is to drive development and training programs to meet alignment with the University’s strategic plan from New Employee Orientation, Leadership Development, Management Development to individual training plans based on needs assessments.

Employee Relations strives to influence partnerships with all Facilities staff members in order to endeavor positive work relationships within the Division. This is accomplished through training, facilitation, review of policies and procedures and one-on-one coachings. We strongly encourage fair employment practices while working towards increasing employee morale.

Facilities Human Resources also recognizes Facilities employees through our Employee of the Quarter programs, service awards and a quarterly employee newsletter.

We also provide opportunities for team building and employee wellness.

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