Construction Services


To provide our internal and external clients safe and efficient project management services through in-house and contracted services.


The Construction Shop supplies the campus customers with skilled craftsmen to complete minor to small major renovation projects. They offer competitively priced labor with little disruption to the customer. The customer is always first.

  • Contract Construction

Contract Construction provides project management of informal projects (less than $500,000) to our clients (internal and external) to help improve campus facilities and allow our clients to improve their goals of research, recruitment, service, and space improvements.

The Facilities Condition Assessment Program (FCAP) provides the University with building assessments, core maintenance inspections and project management. The FCAP team also manages post construction warranty issues that present themselves after a construction or renovation project has been completed and accepted by the University.

The In-House Construction group oversees minor renovation projects, construction projects, and renovations on campus. This work is performed by skilled trade personnel and prequalified contractors.

  • Project Development

Let us assist you with all issues related to design and construction project initiation. Project Development is your concierge for Facilities Modification (FacMod) requests. We can help you get your project off the ground including project scoping, feasibility, and budget estimating.