Preparation is Key For Housekeeping

When news of the novel coronavirus broke in January, Taft Waldon happened to be in the process of updating University Housekeeping’s standard operating procedures on pandemic response.

“At first, it was a precaution to be ahead of the game,” says Waldon, who is one of Housekeeping’s deputy assistant directors. 

Thanks to his efforts, campus preparation was well underway by the time the first case of the coronavirus was confirmed in North Carolina. Waldon had researched additional disinfectants and revised cleaning protocols in partnership with Environmental Health and Safety. Housekeeping had ordered extra supplies and trained employees on new procedures. 

“Taft Waldon is our unsung hero,” says Ada Baldwin, director of University Housekeeping. “He never stops working.” 

On campus, Housekeeping employees have increased how often they disinfect high-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, sink faucets and restrooms. They also switched to a new disinfectant that kills germs in just 30 seconds. 

“Environmental Health and Safety has verified that current cleaning and disinfection processes and chemicals succeed in combating coronavirus,” Baldwin says. “We are doing everything possible to keep our campus community and staff healthy.”

This story originally appeared in NC State News