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Any questions that are specific to the AiM Work Management System can be sent to or call 515-2991

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AiM 9.1 Liaison Guide (.pdf)

Facilities Liaison Manual (.pdf)

AiM 8.2 Customer Request Video Walkthrough

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Submitting a Customer Request (Facilities Liaisons)
Submitting a Customer Request (Campus Enterprises)
Submitting a Customer Request (Athletics)

Attaching a Related Document (All)

How to Track the Status of Your Work Order (All)

*If the video is blurry, you may need to view in full screen mode and change the video quality by going to Settings in the bottom right corner of the video player and selecting 720p or 1080p*


  • There is no field for the account number in AiM – therefore the account number would just get typed in the description along with the details of the request.