Fire Alarm Disconnect

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm Disconnect Form (.doc)

Utility Interruption Procedure

Policy 803

1. Procedure

1. NC State Facilities Division personnel and Facilities Liaisons are the only persons authorized to initiate a fire alarm disconnect request. Faculty, staff, contractors, campus auxiliaries, or others needing to schedule a fire alarm disconnect must submit all disconnect requests through their building’s Facilities Liaison or Facilities Division project managers.

1.1. If the fire alarm disconnect involves disrupting the sprinkler system or the air handling/HVAC units, the Utility Interruption form will also need to be completed.

2. Fire Alarm disconnects will be performed during the normal working hours of 7:30 am to 5:00
pm, Monday through Friday. Requests for off hours fire alarm disconnects will be coordinated
through the Facilities Liaison or Facilities Division project managers and the Facilities
Electronic Shop. Requests shall be submitted 24 hours before the work is scheduled to start.
Requests received after 3:00 pm will be considered submitted the next business day.

2.1. A request resulting in the audible/strobe testing of the fire alarm system shall be
submitted 72 hours before the work is scheduled to start, following the times set
above. This extended time allows the building occupants time to communicate any
unintended interruption to daily business an audible/strobe test would create.

3. Emergency and short notice requests inside of the 24-hour window, will require verbal
approval from the Facilities Electronics Shop to submit the written request by calling 919-515-
9912. In the event the Electronic Shop is unavailable for approval, the Director of Building
Maintenance and Operations may approve these short notice requests.

4. For Facilities Division personnel or Facilities Liaisons to initiate scheduling of a fire alarm
disconnect, follow the steps based on if a work order is available or needed.

4.1. If a work order is available:

4.1.1. Complete the request via the Fire Alarm Disconnect Form. The
request must include a reasonable description of the requested outage along
with start/stop dates and times. Please indicate if this is a weekend event
needing to take place on Saturday and/or Sunday or a holiday event needing to take place on a designated University holiday. Once complete, email the form to, which notifies the Electronics Shop for review and action.

4.2. If a new work order is needed:

4.2.1. Submit a work order request via AIM requesting a fire alarm disconnect. You can also call the Facilities Customer Service Center at 919-515-2991. The request must include a reasonable description of the requested work.

4.2.2. Once a work order number has been obtained, complete the instructions outlined in section 4.1 above.

5. The Electronics Shop will review the requests and notify the Facilities Customer Service
Center by 3:30 pm that the disconnect has been approved. The Electronics Shop will evaluate
the request based on workload, time frame, and other technical and safety issues. If a request is
not approved, the original requestor will be notified of why by the Electronics Shop via the
email or phone number provided.

6. When steps 1 through 5 are complete, the Customer Service Center will notify the original
Facilities Division personnel or project manager requestor and appropriate Facilities Liaisons
via email of the planned outage. The Facilities Liaisons should remind all occupants to
remain vigilant and be prepared to call 919-515-3000 to report any unsafe conditions including
anything fire related to Campus Police while the fire protection system is temporarily out of
service. If a scheduling issue arises, the Facilities Liaison must contact the requestor to
coordinate. The Customer Service Center will also email Campus Police, Fire Protection, the
Electronics Shop, and the original requester that the disconnect has been scheduled. If the
disconnect is an emergency, Facilities Liaisons will be called as well.

7. If at any point there is a change to the schedule or an extension is required, the original
requester shall contact the Facilities Electronics Shop and the Facilities Customer Service
Center immediately by emailing