Shaping the Future

Angkana Bode recognizes a collective effort in faculty and staff giving is monumental to shaping future progress at NC State University.

Bode is the NC State Staff Senate chair and an architect with Capital Project Management — the facilities division responsible for the design and construction of buildings on campus. She has made herself at home with the university since 2009 and loves being a member of the Wolfpack.

“My husband says I look better in red but seriously we have a think and do attitude here,” she said. “People really get things done and to me it’s a faster pace toward progress.”

Because she is passionate about NC State as not only a university, but also as a community for its students and employees, Bode makes monthly donations through payroll deduction. She sees this as a simple way to give back to the university and encourages others to do the same.

“I am an immigrant, not an alum, and have no children at college age. Yet, I’ve learned that when I start giving a little, I can end up giving more,” Bode said. “Last year, I gave $5 a month. This year, I can give $15 a month.”

Bode largely credits her enthusiasm for giving to the compassion taught by her father.

Inspiration struck Bode after learning Chancellor Randy Woodson and his wife, Susan, donated $1.15 million to establish the NC State Employee Dependent’s Tuition Scholarship — which was first awarded last fall. Bode sees this gift as a great employee benefit and views its creation as a way to motivate others to contribute in similar ways.

As Staff Senate chair, Bode aims to inspire NC State employees to think long term and recognize that giving back to the university is important.

“The chancellor and other big donors who are passionate about giving have done their part,” she said. “Faculty and staff members can also make a difference because a gift of $10 or $15 can add up to a lot of money. I drive a 32-year-old truck and walk to campus so I can give back. It’s as simple as foregoing that extra cup of coffee each month to begin investing in ourselves.”

Awarding up to $2,000 per academic year to eligible students, the Employee Dependent’s Tuition Scholarship benefits the children of faculty and staff members at NC State by providing aid toward tuition costs. Bode feels the scholarship acknowledges the dedication of the university’s employees.

“If you’re hardworking and love the university, your future is better here,” she said. “You can reap the benefit of this scholarship if your children attend NC State.”

Bode can’t wait to see how the Employee Dependent’s Tuition Scholarship grows in the future. She is also further contributing to the scholarship through a planned gift.

“I’m excited about it and want to help be a part of ensuring the continuation of the scholarship,” Bode said. “I dream that our children are able to fulfill their potential and the Employee Dependent’s Tuition Scholarship falls right in line with that.”

– Sarah Keener ’17, Development Communications and Stewardship Student Writer

Gifts from faculty and staff play a significant role in moving NC State from good to extraordinary. Employees can direct their gifts to the college, campus or program of their choice, including the recently launched NC State Employee Dependent’s Tuition Scholarship, which provides partial financial support to dependents of full-time employees. For more information, please visit our faculty and staff page.

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