Housekeeping COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting Information

Common surfaces cleaned and disinfected on an increased basis as follows:
● Light Switches
● Door Knobs and Handles
● Push Bars and Plates
● Water Fountains
● Handrails
● Tables
● Elevators
● Break Areas
● Restrooms
● And Other High Touch Surfaces

Click Here for more information on Cleaning and sanitizing of your work areas as recommended by EMMC

Please Note: In cases where COVID-19 exposure is suspected and requires cleaning and disinfecting; the request should go through EMMC Emergency Management and Mission Continuity (919-515-9657) for a consultation. The EMMC will follow up with the requester to determine the next appropriate steps.

EHS recommends that housekeeping does not clean lab spaces. (Other than common
spaces). It is the lab occupants’ responsibility, which includes their labs.

Listen how NCSU shares experience while providing information to benefit university preparedness.

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