Facilities Leadership Development Program

The Facilities Division Leadership Development Program (FLDP) educates and develops exceptional leaders who act with integrity, freedom, respect, responsibility, stewardship and excellence to create and preserve a physical environment that advances the university.

Annually, 10 – 14 Facilities employees are selected for the program through an application process. This cohort will progress through the two-year program as a group. Once a year, a new group of employees will be selected to begin the program. The next application period will be announced at a later date. In this video, learn more about why you should apply.


2019-2021 Cohort (left to right): Colin Aubrey, Amanda Franklin, Liz Moore, Daniel Ziser, Michelle Hardy, Ranjani Rajagopalan, Claire Stevens, Christina Bentley, Andre Young, Lynn Swank, John Hughes and Ntamba Kiatoko. Not pictured are Anna Lewandowski and Corey Petticrew. 

What Participants Are Saying

“Being able to meet others from various groups around campus, interact with them and learn from their experiences has been invaluable. All of the instructors are excited to share their knowledge and the cohort has really grown together, and we have been able to learn from each other as well.”

“Although I’ve participated in leadership programs in the past… the Facilities Leadership Development Program is unique as its 100% geared toward our Division – not only developed by Facilities but also majority of classes taught by Facilities staff.  As a result, I’m learning leadership skills that are unique to a Facilities campus environment.  I would recommend this program to any Facilities team member that is not only looking to learn more about our Division but also someone who is looking to learn more about themselves and [their] leadership skills.”

“I would highly recommend this program. I have only been in this program for 6 months, and I have learned so much about myself that will aid in my daily work assignments/tasks/projects.  I have already begun to use some of the information that I’ve learned to help my teammates become more independent and to become a better leader. I can only imagine how knowledgeable I will be after this two -year program is complete.”