Human Resources

In addition to the resources below, employees can contact Facilities Human Resources at for assistance.


There are a number of benefits available as a university employee. Please check with your supervisor or the University Human Resources Benefits website for more information about which benefits you qualify for. Below is a sample of benefits and how to learn more:

  • Leave: Paid holidays, annual leave and sick leave. The university also offer other leave programs such as paid parental leave, community service leave, military leave and more.
  • Insurance: Eligibility for health, dental, vision, disability and other insurance coverage, as well as flexible spending accounts.
  • Retirement Programs: Save for the future.
  • Tuition Waiver: Eligible full-time faculty and staff can take up to three (3) courses per year through any UNC System school.
  • WolfPerks: NC State employee discounts on childcare, tickets to university athletics events, campus dining, campus arts events, area attractions, banking, insurance, financial planning, local events, computer software and more.
  • Alternative Commuter Benefits: Save money by not driving your car to campus.
  • Employee Dependent’s Tuition Scholarship: Children of eligible university employees can receive up to $2,000 annually
  • Access to the faculty and staff assistance program, on-campus pharmacy and dental services, and other wellness programs.
  • Recognition Programs: There are many ways excellent work is noticed and celebrated, including awards programs at the university, division and departmental level. Employees are also recognized for years of service and commitment to the university and the state of North Carolina.

For additional information, contact Facilities Human Resources or visit the University Human Resources webpage to find the benefits consultant assigned to Facilities employees.

Training and Development

Training and Development: The skills you are hired for are just the start. The Facilities Division invests in training and development so that employees reach their full potential.

Timekeeping, Leave and Compensation

  • COVID-19 Timekeeping Guide: A matrix for how to record your work activity during COVID-19.
  • MyPack Portal: This is a self-service portal for the university community and contains access to many HR-related functions.
  • Wolftime: Use this system to record your hours worked and to record/request leave. If you are required to clock in and out, your supervisor will advise whether you should do that from a wall-mounted kiosk or a mobile device/computer (accessible through MyPack Portal).
    • Lunch Breaks: Federal law (FLSA) and state law do not require lunch breaks, but it is a best practice for employees to take at least a 30 minute break during the work day. We encourage employees to follow college/division departmental policy regarding lunch breaks and ask your supervisor/manager if you have questions.
  • Leave Programs: The university offers many leave programs. If you have specific questions about these programs and how to apply, you may contact Facilities Human Resources ( or contact find the University Human Resources benefits consultant assigned to Facilities employees. You can find available and projected balances for various types of leave in Wolftime (accessible via MyPack Portal).
  • Adverse Weather Policies: Please ask your supervisor if you do not know whether you are a mandatory or non-mandatory employee.
  • University Holidays and Closings
  • Payroll: Permanent faculty and staff are paid once per month, and temporary employees are paid biweekly (here’s the pay schedule). A bank account is required for direct deposit. You can adjust your tax withholding settings within MyPack Portal.
  • Longevity Pay: Available for SHRA employees with at least 10 years of employment.

New Employees


  • Safety Shoes: Depending on your work assignment, you may receive a voucher for protective footwear to use while working. Typically, a safety shoe event is hosted on campus, allowing employees to try on several types of shoes and select the best fit. Contact or your supervisor about whether you are eligible for a safety shoe voucher.
  • Mandatory Safety Training: Employees can find the Safety Training Plan online. The Facilities Safety Training Plan will show the required training for each unit.
  • Safety Mishap Reporting: Employees are required to report all incidents to their supervisor – immediately – even if no injury occurred. 

Equal Opportunity

The Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity has important resources about equal opportunity and equity in the campus workplace.

Employee Relations

Employee Relations strives to influence partnerships with all Facilities staff members in order to endeavor positive work relationships within the Division. This is accomplished through training, facilitation, review of policies and procedures and one-on-one coaching.

Common Resources
Two of the most common Employee Relations resources utilized are Family and Medical Leave, which helps protect employment during a family or medical need, and the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, which provides a number of free and confidential services for employees and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions
The questions below represent the types of issues and concerns that Employee Relations can help answer or work through. Please contact Michelle Jones, Director of Facilities Human Resources.

  • What if I believe I’ve been retaliated against based on race?
  • Can I do anything about the problems I’m having with my supervisor?
  • Where can I report my coworker placing State equipment in his/her car when we left for the weekend?
  • What is the procedure or policy if my employee continuously reports to work late?
  • What do I do if my employee smells of alcohol at work?
  • How long is the probationary period?
  • How do I file a grievance against my manager?
  • Does Facilities have a mediation program?
  • Where can I find Facilities policies and procedures?
  • What can I do if Employees in my zone tell inappropriate jokes?

Additional employee relations resources are available from University Human Resources.