A8 Zone Manager
Leroy Wilkins

Office: 919-513-4147
Mobile: 919-218-5686

Academic Days 4:00 AM – 12:30 PM

A8 Housekeeping Zone Map

140A 3115 Western Boulevard (Former Army Reserve Center)
272 Avent Ferry Technology Center
755D Cherry Building
133 Don E Ellis Building
786A Dorothy and Roy PARK ALUMNI Center
792B Friday Institute
132 Joyner Visitor Center
271C Magnolia Cottage Avent Ferry C-
129A McKimmon Addition
129 McKimmon Center
240 MEAS Field Lab
242 Solar House
755A Spring Hill House
790A The Point-Chancellors Residence II
250A Varsity Research Building
131 Western Blvd. Business Service

770 Centennial Campus Landscape Services Facility